10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

How To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

This article will help you To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats. Vey helpful session for rooted android users.

For Android users, we are today going to give 10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats. Many of you might own Rooted Android devices. Rooted Android is an open gateway for security threats for your Android, & if security measures are not chosen, then they can harm your Android. So here we are explaining some tips that you should implement to secure your rooted Android from threats and viruses.

Here Are The List Of 10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats

The tips are helpful as well as efficient, and you should execute them today to make sure that applications for your rooted Android are not harming your device. So read out all the tips below.

1. Controlling Root Access Carefully

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats1

If your Android phone is rooted, then you achieved a complete administrator access. Apps can use administrator access for advanced features, but it can be utilized by malicious applications for evil things. However, SuperSU is one of the administration software which pop-up everything your applications make a request for root-level access. So make sure to look for the apps that you are giving root access.

2. Manage Your App Permission

Use F- Secure App Permission App

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats2

Currently, there are millions of applications on Google Play Store that access your Android data by allowed permissions while accepting the terms during the downloading process, so to control that permissions properly and guard your data against being flowed out to the apps, this is the best app that we prefer for Android device. So you must install this application on your Android and secure it now.

You can also use Apps Ops

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats3

Apps Ops, which serves the related feature such as F-secure App Permission, F-secure is not available on Google Play store. You can get Apps Ops on Play Store. “App Ops” is an inbuilt application permissions manager which helps you to toggle permissions of the installed apps

3. Adding Up A Firewall for Rooted Devices

Firewall is a data barrier between OS & network outside. You can put rules when you’re connected to WiFi network, LAN, 3G or roaming. If you have an app on your device which you don’t trust, you can just block all network access to that app, so that no privacy data would be leaked.

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats4

FWall+ (Android Firewall +) is a front-end app for the dominant IP tables Linux firewall.It provides you to restrict which applications are allowed to access your data networks (2G/3G & Wi-Fi and while roaming). You can also control traffic within LAN or while connected through VPN.

4. Use Antivirus Apps For Your Android Best To Protect It From Viruses

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats5

Antivirus apps are helpful to keep your Android free from all the viruses that can run efficiently on your rooted Android because of many flaws that can generate after rooting your Android. So use the antivirus from the link given & keep your Android secure from viruses and threats.

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5. Don’t Install Unauthorized Apps Especially After Rooting

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats6

Many users root their Android device to get rid of the pre-installed apps, but these have to be there on your Android device as they keep your equipment from other spying apps. Users direct to prefer new apps rather than an old one, So it’s always better to install authorized apps from Google Play store.

6. Using System Cleaner In Your Rooted Android

Use CM Security

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats7

It is one of the pre-eminent security tools/antiviruses for your Android device that executes security from all the external threats. Using this app, you can scan all the malicious applications that you have installed on your Android device. It can be handled as app lock also to protect your app from unauthorized access. 

  • Android 5.0 and 6.0 has supported
  • Fingerprint lock password has supported on your devices
  • Snap the snooper who tried to unlock apps
  • Customized lock mode. You don’t have to unlock apps every time.

Use Clean Master

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats8

The World’s Most Advanced Android Optimizer, Battery Saver, Speed Booster, and Free Anti-Virus app, & Clean Master Helps Expedite and Clean Up Phones. It provides Real-time Protection with the Antivirus Engine and secures private data along with the AppLock feature.

  • AppLock helps to lock Facebook, Contacts, SMS, Gallery, & any other applications you choose.
  • Battery Saver serves to analyze battery status as well as hibernate running applications to save power.
  • Swipe allows you quick access to other applications and tools without having to go back to home screen.
  • The junk creating behavior of millions of applications has been analyzed so that Clean Master can hone in on its targets (cache & residual files) with accuracy.
  • Boost your games and applications, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery.

7. Use Android Device Manager On Your Android

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats9

You must allow Android device manager on your Android as this is the responsible option to track your lost Android from Google account. Also, make sure to allow the complete supremacy to this app for its excellent working.

8. Use App Locker(CM Locker) For Locking your personal apps

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats10

Sometimes we share our phone with others, at that time our privacy can be at risk,  you can have the App locker app so that, it helps to protect your applications with a password. You can also protect apps like Whatsapp Messenger, Browser, & Gallery, etc.


  • Optimize phone speed by cent percent directly from the toolbox.
  • Clean battery draining apps & extend battery life by 30% (generally)
  • Snap phone peep users after they enter wrong passwords, catch anyone who tries to snoop on your phone

9. Don’t Remove Pre-Installed Apps

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats11

After rooting our Android device, we tend to remove pre-installed apps. Sometimes we remove some apps which are necessary to run Android device correctly. So uninstalling the preinstalled apps without knowing what is the app about, I would suggest you never uninstall a pre-installed application.

10. Always Have A Backup

Backing up your phone is the most useful thing that you can do for your Android phone. There is nothing critical than losing everything on your cell and realizing you never backed up anything. So, you just needed an app which enables you to backup your apps images and all your Android data.

Use Titanium Backup

10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats12

You can restore, backup, freeze your apps+data+Market links. It includes all protected apps and system apps, external data on your SD card. You can do a 0-click batch and scheduled backups. Backups will run without closing any apps. You can move any app/data to or from the SD card. You can browse any app’s data and query the Market to see information about the application.

  • Keep multiple backups per application
  • Backup or restore SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML
  • Restore individual apps+data from non-root ADB backups
  • Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups
  • Restore individual apps+data from TWRP backups
  • Integrate system app updates into ROM

So above is all about 10 Tips To Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats. With this, you can defend your device from the internal threats that can harm your Android. These threats can even harm your Android system, so better is to stay safe from them. Hope you like the article, do share this with your friends. If you still have any queries related this, share with us in comments.

We hope this article will help you to Secure Rooted Android From Security Threats. Share your doubts via comments. We Will Help you within 48 hours.

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