Best Android Encrypted Chat App The Secure Messaging App

Best Android Encrypted Chat App The Secure Messaging App

Best Android Encrypted Chat App The Secure Messaging App

Best Android Encrypted Chat App The Secure Messaging App

What is the Best Android Encrypted Chat App? Check out the Secure Messaging App

This article will help you to find the Best Android Encrypted Chat App. These are the Secure Messaging Apps for Android users.

Guys, you know messenger applications are the tantrum for all of us nowadays. We can’t live without messenger apps. Usually, we use Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc. Even Instagram and Tumblr also provides the feature of messaging now. We love to chat with people who are sitting in another corner of the world by sending messages to each other. We recommend having direct communication with one another rather than emailing. It’s the fastest process is having answers in one second. Here we provide you the list of best messenger apps but they all have the drawback that is private information is not secured. So we decided to provide you the best list of 3 encrypted messenger apps for Android.

Top 5 Best Android Encrypted Chat App

Below are the some of the best applications that you will love to use and they provide you extra security with the encrypted messages. So have a look at all these apps discussed below.

Whatsapp Messenger 

Best Android Encrypted Messengers1

Now one of the giant network Whatsapp had made their app more secure by providing the user end encryption. With the help of this feature, the user can make their conversation safer and private.

Facebook Messenger

Best Android Encrypted Messengers2

From the Facebook, it is another great app that now provides peer to peer encryption, and millions of users are using this great app. So must try out this app on your device.


Best Android Encrypted Messengers3

All Users wants that their conversation must not be read by the man in the middle, it must be secured adequately. So we prefer to make messages encrypted which is one of the best things that comes in everyone’s mind. Telegram is considered as a no.1 app for the encryption of messages. The developers put on too many efforts to make this app a secure one. They enlighten their motive on security by constructing their mission seriously.
Most of the guys love Telegram. Fellows attract towards its killing features. They let people create chat groups with about 5000 members. People can sync data across the cloud platform and helps in the file as well as data sharing, emoticons, stickers, video, and audio play. Consider this android application for your encrypted messages.


Best Android Encrypted Messengers4

The signal is an entirely open source powered messaging app that considers security seriously. Anyone can judge from the code that it is too much secured such that it uses open, peer-reviewed encryption protocols. You can send & receive messages and can void any SMS or MMS fees. It does not require to contact all of the friends to switch among themselves going through SMS route. Considering the features of this app, its all up to the mark. This messenger apps provide you all features such as attachments, audio, and video, emoticons, stickers, etc. New Technology used, and security protocols are the wild character of this application.


Best Android Encrypted Messengers5

Wickr I is not in the ears of everyone, very few has a look towards it. This app provides you all the features as the other apps provide such as text audio and video, stickers, emoticons and messages in a group with an encryption technology used. It enlightens with its principal feature: Shredder feature. This feature allows you”shred” all traces of your private info from the app. Its security is too strong that they have 100,100 bug bounty program. It doesn’t take your personal information. It fixes security on your ID which is known only to you and to your Wickr network.

So above are the Android Encrypted Chat App. If you are not satisfied with the working of Signal and Telegram app, do respect this app as it provides you strong security and goes through it in depth. And hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. If you have any suggestions, leave us in comments below.

We hope now you have good knowledge about the Secure Messaging App. Share this knowledge with your friends and help them to get better security while chatting. If you have any doubts, you can comment here. Thanks for Reading about Secure Messaging App.