How To Do Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp Spy

 How To Do Whatsapp Spy

Here we are going to discuss How To Do Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp makes the world shrink with its features. Whatsapp has also become a platform for rude person and pranksters with the help of cool tricks.People always worry about their partner conversation with other and parents worry about their children activities on Whatsapp.  So they also need to know about their activities on Whatsapp. For this, you have to spy the victim phone Whatsapp account by playing some frauds and tricks. If you do not know about spy Whatsapp chats, then do not worry because in this section we are going to talk how to spy Whatsapp messages of someone with step by step guidance.

To Spy Whatsapp Messages Of Others

Method 1: – Using mSpy Application.

mSpy is one of the best android apps which is freely available on Google Play store. It allows the parents and employers to have a look on their children and employees. It is easy to use software which provides full logs of the victim system. We need just an mSpy account. From this account, we can simply keep track of all the target devices using any Internet enable the system. With the help of mSpy, You can easily spy Whatsapp chats of others.


SMS tracking

Monitor cell phone logs

GPS location tracking

Photos and video interception

Access to complete browsing history

Steps To Spy On Whatsapp Conversation

1. Download & install mSpy on the target phone. Whatsapp Spy 1

2. Once the app is installed, it will keep monitoring of all the apps covering WhatsApp.

3. You just need An mSpy Account. You can make your mSpy Account by visiting the link below.

Sign Up

4. It will provide you 7 days free trial. After that, you can subscribe an mSpy pack.

Whatsapp Spy 2

5. mSpy will send all the logs of the targeted phone to your account.

Whatsapp Spy 3

6. Then You can easily view the targeted phone logs from the mSpy account.

Method 2: –  Using MAC Spoofing.

WhatsApp application has a loophole that is we can run same WhatsApp account on various devices with identical MAC address. It is the unique identify address of a system.  Using the advantage of this loophole we can spy on someone WhatsApp account.

Spy Whatsapp Messages By IP Address Spoofing.

1. First, uninstall WhatsApp from your device.

Whatsapp Spy 4

2. Then Get Mac address of the victim’s devices and note it. For this, you should have to take the target devices in your hand.

3. It is easy; You can simply Find the Mac address in settings of all device.

  • For Android device Go to Settings and open the WiFi settings and advance setting.

Whatsapp Spy 5

  • If you are a Windows phone user, Go to Settings and select the option,  more info, and you can see Mac address.
  • For iPhone user Go to settings >> general option, about the phone, status, and WiFi Mac address.
  • If you are a Blackberry user phones go to options, device,  device and status info, WLAN Mac.

4. Then install an IP Spoofing App on your Android phone like the busy box, terminal app. Now go to the app and spoof IP Address. After that, you will get spoofed IP Address.

Whatsapp Spy 6

5. Install the Whatsapp on your device and put the victim phone number. Then You have to get the code from the victim phone, and now your Whatsapp is ready to use.  Then you can see the victim conversations on Whatsapp.

Note: – For the above method to work, you may need to copy the files of WhatsApp folder in your system, then you can simply spy on the WhatsApp account.

We recommend you to consider other’s privacy. Moreover, We also suggest you not to create any problem for anyone using the above-given steps of spying Whatsapp accounts. Use your proper judgment. Hence, if this feature is helpful to you, please leave your valuable comments below.