How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update

How Can We Disable Windows 10 Auto Update?

This article will simply help you to Disable Windows 10 Auto Update. Follow This method to Block Window 10 Auto Updates

Windows 10 became famous because it is free to install and a user can update it from any of the older version of Windows. Windows 10 provide several desktops, that is each desktop with a different task. New users of Windows 10 like its personal assistant called Cortana. Windows 10 provides automatic update feature. It’s quick service automatically finds downloads and, installs its latest updates when we connect to the internet. This function is useful for users how to have an unlimited internet connection. But some users are not interested in updating windows. There are several reasons behind that like some user have limited internet pack or other reasons include software compatibility issues etc. Windows 10 do not offer the feature to stop this automatic update in its Windows update settings. If you also suffer from this feature & want to disable Windows 10 updates. Then follow below explained ways to stop automatic Windows 10 updates.

2 Methods To Disable Windows10 Auto Updates


Method 1: Disable Windows10 Update From Service

Step 1.  First of all, select control panel, to disable the Windows 10 updates.

Step 2. From the control panel, >> you have to go to the “administrative tool.”

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update1
Step 3. Then you have to look for the services option.

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update2

Step 4. From the services window, you could see several types of windows services.
Step 5. In this window, scroll down to find Windows Update services and turn it off.

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update3

Step 6.  you have to the right-click on the service and click on the properties option.
Step 7. In the properties, options select general setting.
Step 8. In the public setting look for a startup type option & then select the disable option.
Step 9. Now look for service running status and click on the stop button.
Step 10. Click on OK and your automatic updates will stop after that.

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update4

Method 2:  Disable Windows 10 Updates From Network Settings

If you have limited internet connection and require to disable auto updates of Windows 10 & other Application, then you can take benefits of Windows 10 Marvelous feature called metered internet connection. By using this feature, you can stop Applications and Windows from updates. To fix your internet connection as metered, you have to follow the below steps.
Step 1. Open the Settings Applications in Windows 10.
Step 2. After that choose “Network and Internet.”

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update5

Step 3. Now just Scroll down & look for the “Advanced options.”
How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update6
Step 4. Now select the “Set as metered connection.”

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto Update7

Step 5. This option will be established for all WiFi Network.

Hence, these are some best possible ways to turn off Windows 10 updates. In case you have any problem or if you know, any other best method let us know.

We hope this article will help you to Disable Windows 10 Auto Update. If you have any doubts comment here. Our team will help you within 48 hours. Share it with your friends and help them too.

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