Find And Delete Duplicate Files

Find And Delete Duplicate Files

How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files

Find And Delete Duplicate Files

This article will help you to Find And Delete Duplicate Files easily. This Find And Delete Duplicate Files help you to save more computer space.

Computers can save our time and provide more efficiency of doing work. A computer is composed of hardware, software. We use the computer in each and every field including Business, Marketing, Medical, Education, Banking, etc. With advancements in technology use of systems is increased because of hardware are available at a lower price, and various computer software’s are available according to user requirements in different fields. We can also use the computer for surfing the internet and download various files. We can save a tremendous amount of data in local disks. In a situation where a computer is used by many users, We can see many duplicate files in the computer. Because everyone wants to make a separate local disk. Sometimes It is tough to find the duplicate files manually one by one because the same file may be saved on a computer with different names. If you also face such situation and do not handle it very well, then this article is really for you. In this article, we explain about different techniques to find and remove duplicate files from your PC.

Step to Find Delete Duplicate Files From PC

Method 1: – Using Anti-Twin Software (For Windows, Linux, and Mac)

Anti-Twin is one the popular tool to remove duplicate files from PC. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac. One of its major advantages is that it is freely available for users. It can compare duplicate files for images, music, videos, text, software, etc. It provides easy to use interface. To know the step by step procedure, please follow this steps.

Step 1. Download and install Anti-Twin by taping the button below.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 1

Step 2. Launch the software and choose source and destination folder for comparing the files.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 2

Step 3. You can also use the filter option for minimum and maximum file size, for a specific type of file, etc.

Step 4. Then we have to select a comparison method for comparing files like name comparison, byte by byte comparison, name comparison, and many others.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 3

Step 5. We can also compare different software, images and many other types of similar files.

Step 6. Then click on the search for duplicates files button and program starts.

Method 2: – Easy Duplicate Finder (For Windows, MAC)

This is one of the best apps for finding and also to remove duplicate files on Windows and Mac. Easy duplicate finder is available for both  MAC and Windows operating system. It can compare Duplicate text, software, emails, video mp3, images,s files. This tool can free your hard disk memory in GB’s by deleting Duplicate files. It requires only 128 MB RAM, 5 MB space for its installation. This simple tool provides drag and drops capabilities for comparing files. It compares files byte by byte to find Duplicate files. Easy Duplicate Finder provides 100 % efficiency. We can compare hard drivesfiles and also folders for duplicate files. It is easy to operate, and steps are almost similar to the steps mentioned above.

For downloading this tool click on the button below.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 1

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 4

Method 3: – Using Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate cleaner is another most used tool for finding and removing Duplicate files, and it is available for both  MAC and Windows. It provides easy to use interface with a charming look. This tool can compare Duplicate files for videos, text, Music, images, etc. It also provides Duplicate directories with the directories with the same name. We can choose which directories we need to keep or not. We can also do a smaller search by giving the type of files That we want to compare. We can also compare files by date. It also compares files byte by byte, and we can also compare files by name also. It is an all in one answer for duplicate files. If you want to save this app tap the button below.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 1

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 5

Method 4: – Find Duplicate Files By Using Dupeguru

It is an open source software for comparing Duplicate files. It is available in three various edition, i.e., dupeguru, dupeguru music, picture edition. Dupeguru edition can find same files only for music, text, images, etc. But dupeguru music edition can easily find similar music file at the different bit rate. Dupeguru picture edition can find the similar images even they are of different size, re-size, crop, etc. It is an easy to use the app. It is freely available for users.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files 6

Method  5: – Visipics Duplicate Files Finder

Visipics is specially designed for getting Duplicate pictures and also for similar, identical in type. If you have a large collection of pictures and you are enabled to find Duplicate images, then Visipics is the best solution for you. It can find similar images if they are re-sized or even cropped. It can also find even if they are compressed in size. This tool is available for Windows XP, VISTA, 7,8.


Find And Delete Duplicate Files 7

Here we are discussed about few best software to find and remove duplicates files from windows and mac systems. If you find any other best way to do so, please share it with us. Be in touch with us for more valuable knowledge about apps and systems You are succefully read the article to Find And Delete Duplicate Files. If this is helpful for you, kindlt share this post with your friends.


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