increase laptop battery life 70% 10 methods

increase laptop battery life

Increase Laptop battery life

Ten methods to increase laptop battery life

Below given Step by Step method to increase your battery life up to 70%

10 methods to increase laptop battery life 70%

Today we can see that most of the people using laptops and tablets as an alternative of desktops. It is Because of their portability and less stress of maintaining wires and devices. Laptops are compact and easy to use, and all input/output devices connected to it. The laptop has all and few extra features as compared to desktop like inbuilt WiFi support, Bluetooth, Webcam, Speakers, Mike support, less fear of properly shut down. Laptops mainly suffer from their battery life. Its battery becomes down if we use it without precautions, maintenance and without information about how to save and increase laptop battery life. Nowhere by implementing few settings and by following other relevant guidelines laptop will perform better. If you have a laptop, and yourself are suffering from poor battery life, then you do not worry about it. In this small article, Tec Fever is going to explain some tips which help you to increase your laptop battery life up to 70% and protect it from replacement issue. So here we few best tips about how to improve laptop battery life. Before proceeding with this, I recommend you also to read about How to Make Laptop Faster up to 50%


Increase Laptop battery life

Increase laptop battery life Read steps given below

Step 1: Turn On Your Battery Saver Mode

We already know about this thing to keep in mind to improve your laptop battery life is to turn on your notebook power saving mode. This power saving mode will automatic adjust your peripherals in low power mode and allow them to use with minimal power. This way will improve your battery life; This method will also set the screen brightness, and that’s better for your eyes also. 🙂

Step 2: Adjust You Laptop Settings

Directly you can also adjust your laptop settings while using mouse and keyboard of your notebook. Keyboards backlight also consumes the power of your notebook so until you are not in the dark You just turn off your keyboard light. You can also create a hotkey for keyboard backlight switch on and off. You can adjust your laptop screen brightness as per your requirement. At day time, you can decrease your brightness to save and increase laptop battery life. This method will also help to reduce your battery load.

Step 3: Reduce Multitasking

This method is also one of the top ways to increase your battery life. Multitasking Which means running more than one Apps or Programs at the same time. When your laptop is in full charge, we do not need to reduce multitasking. Whenever you run more than one or two Apps at the same time, the processor takes more load and also consume more power for processing. This thing will also affect the RAM, If you open some image processing tool then do not forget to close them after the using because these devices take more processing to run and also consume more power for this. So please reduce multitasking if we don’t need it. And this will help to save battery life up to 20%+

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Step 4: Increase Your System RAM.

RAM is another essential factor that affects laptop battery life. If your system has less RAM, applications that need more RAM memory will have to use Virtual memory. So for using virtual memory system have to access the hard drive each and every time, This will increase the power consumption. If our system has sufficient amount of then, we reduce the use of virtual memory and improve laptop battery life. 🙂

Step 5: Prevent Your Battery From overcharging

This thing is another primary factor that affects laptop battery life. You should not forget to remove the laptop charger after full charging. Overcharging will damage your battery and other system components. So keep away from overcharging, and help laptop battery from dying.

Step 6: Avoid using battery with 10% charge

This way is also one of the problems for battery life reduction. Try to avoid overusing of the laptop in 10% battery mode. This method will affect the battery badly, and battery is starting to overheat. So avoid using the laptop with 10% battery charge.

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Step 7: Disable Unused Devices And Port.

This method is the Simple way to increase the laptop battery life is to disable the devices that are not using, e.g., remove the external USB mouse, external keyboard, etc. You also have to turn off Bluetooth and WIFI after the use. To disable unnecessary devices in Windows, you have to open the control panel and then search for device manager.

In the device manager, devices are grouped by category. Control panel> search>Device manager

Step 8: Turn Off Apps and Processes apps.

Another best way to increase laptop battery life is to shut down the unnecessary apps and process because some of the apps take the processor time for processing and increase the load on the processor which used laptop battery excessively. Some processes start when the window start and remain to minimize in the background and consume your battery. To close these processes Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open task manager and close the processes you want.

Step 9: Prefer Hibernate Instead Of Standby or Sleep

Someone put their laptop in standby mode even if they are busy with other things. Standby mode will save some battery and also increase laptop battery life. Standby mode does not completely reduce your power consumption. So you have to include Hibernate function instead of Standby mode. Hibernate feature will save your system state and completely shut off of your system.

Step 10: Keep Laptop’s Battery Contacts Clean.

You should have to clean your laptop battery contacts clean after every 4 to 6 months. For Cleaning your battery contacts allow very well battery charging and good transfer of power to the laptop. This thing increases your battery life. You can use alcohol or white petrol to clean the battery contacts.

I hope this will help you, but technology is developing day by day. So if we found any other feature, we will update soon.! keep visit

Increase laptop battery life Read steps given above

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Increase Laptop battery life