Block Your Windows Apps From Users

Block Your Windows Apps From Users

How To Block Your Windows Apps From Users?

Here we will show the trick to Block Your Windows Apps From Users. Secure your Windows programs. Try it out.

Windows is the best OS in which you can do a lot of cool things, and there are lots of features that this OS provides to you. And one of the features is the multiple users that are available in all of its version. And using the feature, you could add multiple users in your Windows PC and that all will have different permissions according to them. But sometimes you do not even notice about the permissions of accessing some apps that can be unauthorized used by any of the user accounts that you had made on your Windows OS.

How To Block Your Windows Apps From Users

The method is quite straightforward and straight, and you just need to follow some simple steps that by altering some settings and a tool to block apps access in users and you would able to block any of the programs in any of the user’s accounts of the Windows.

Steps To Block Your Windows Apps From Users

1. First of all, you need to download and install the cool tool that is ask admin the tool that will block apps for you.

2. After downloading the Zip file extract it and then click on exec file to install the tool on your Windows PC.

3. Now you have to Accept the terms and conditions to install this tool on your device

Block Your Windows Apps From Users1

4. Now you would see the interface like below after installing & accepting all the terms & conditions

Block Your Windows Apps From Users2

5. Now you have to add the programs by clicking on the extra button there and then selecting the applications and programs that you want to block, and here we are blocking the TEAM VIEWER.

Block Your Windows Apps From Users3

6. Now you have to reboot the explorer to make all the changes implemented

7. Now You have done, now the app is successfully restricted to admin privilege only.

So above is all about Blocking Your Windows Apps From Users. Use this method, and you can quickly make restrictions for the programs access on your Windows PC as the different user accounts of the Windows. So try this out today and then ensure your privacy.

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How to Block Programs from Users in Windows

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