Customize Windows Folder Colour

Customize Windows Folder Colour

Customize Windows Folder Colour

How to Customize Windows Folder Colour


Here am going to teach you to Customize Windows Folder Colour



The different version of Windows provides its interface. Windows rather provide its yellow folder color by default. We cannot customize Windows features like changing folder color etc. like MAC OS. Windows also have much more great features to manage data efficiently. We use the command prompt to do many tasks, and Sometimes we get bored with its old folder color. While sometimes we like to change the folder color for several goals like store data in an assigned way. Some Mac user uses this article to store their data in an organized way. They can easily recognize their data by viewing folder color. By using our outstanding trick to change folder color in windows, we can simply endure like Mac users do. In this session, we are going to explain about how to switch the folder color in Windows. By using the colored folder, we do not need to waste our time in searching data. We can efficiently assign a color to a particular category of data.

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To Customize Windows Folder Colour

Method 1: –  Using Rainbow Folders Software

1. Download and Install the rainbow folder by clicking the button below.

Click Here To Download

2. Click on the start menu and launch the application by double-clicking it.

Customise Windows Folder Colour 1

3. It provides a simple and compressed interface. It also provides the various select options to adjust the color of multiple folders simultaneously.
4. It also gives three folder style including modern, typical and classic. We can easily choose one of them.
5. Select the color of the folder and change its tone and saturation to make multiple tones.
6. you can also use Random button to choose a random color for your folders.
7. Press the colorize button to edit the color of your folders.

Customise Windows Folder Colour 2

8. We can also get the default color of folders by selecting folders and pressing decolorize button.

Customise Windows Folder Colour 4

Method 2: – Using Folderico Tool

Folderico is one the trending utility tool to modify the Windows OS default color. It is a light weight software which is easy to use. This app is compatible with almost all variants of Windows including W7 andXP. After installation, it becomes hidden and only gives the right-click option to change the folder color. If you only want to switch the folder color, then its free version is sufficient for you.

Step To Change the Folder Color In Windows

  1. First of all, Download and Install the Folderico tool by clicking the button beneath.

Download Folderico Tool

2. After installation, this tool provides a right-click option to edit the folder color.
3. Right click on the folder which you need to change the color.
4. Now you can see a change icon option then move the mouse above that option you will see a various color folder image.

Customise Windows Folder Colour 5

5. You can simply select them and after that our folder color is modified.

Customise Windows Folder Colour 6

We hope that this article helps you to do so.These are the best possible method to change folder color in windows easily by using the software. If you have any better idea than this to change windows folder color, please let us know. If you have any problems regarding this, we are very happy to help you in future. Be in touch with us and don’t forget to write your queries and suggestions to us. Please feel free to record your valuable suggestions and worries in the comment box below. 

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