How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices

Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices

This article will help you to Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices if it is lost or stolen. Share with your friends who is using windows device.

Windows 10 devices are made including tracking capabilities using which any user can easily find the device if in case it is lost/being stolen by anybody. The tracking features are more advanced and technical which tends to provide the exact location of the device, first cam snapshots of the stealer &  many more amazing features. Through all these features, finding the lost/stolen Windows 10 device could be a no worry task, and it can be done easily. But to find your device through the in-built tracking abilities, there have to be some steps followed by the user. Here in this post, we have written the steps with which you can find any lost/stolen Windows 10 devices with the correct location of the instrument. To know about the actions, just head on to the main part of the guide which has given below, read it after that.

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices

Below is the step by step guide that will let you find stolen or lost Windows 10 Devices.

Steps To Find Your Stolen or Lost Windows 10 Devices

1. To find your device while it’s stolen or lost you would have to make some settings in the Windows 10 device. You would have to enable the Find My Device option or the feature from the settings of the device. For going on with this feature, you should have the Microsoft Account and fully updated Windows 10. You have to make sure of these things before you go for the further steps.

2. Then open the Settings from your Windows 10 device and then under that settings find and click on the update and security settings option. Looking for this configuration as all the settings could be straightforward.

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices 1

3. From the left side, click on the “Find My Device” option and then on the right side, you could see various settings related to the feature. The current status of this feature could be traced from the highlighted text line. Usually, the “Find My Device” feature will be disabled, but you can enable it from the screen as shown here.

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices 2

4. For enabling the feature, click on the change button in the “Find My Device” section and then enable to the switch named “Save my device’s location periodically.” Now you have activated the location tracking feature on your device. So you can use your device without fear of being stolen or lost because your device could be located afterward

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices 3

5. To find your stolen or lost device just go to the “” Then from there a sign in using your Microsoft account that has made for your Windows 10 device, i.e., stolen or lost. You will see all your devices on the list and hence from there; you can select your stolen or lost device too.

6. There will be some options & links placed on the sides of the devices, from there you can see the “Find My Device” link so that, click on the link for finding your lost or stolen device from the list.

How To Find Your Lost Windows 10 Devices 4

7. It would display you the last location of your device, and further, it will also show you the actual location on the map & time too. If the location is not available for the device, then it is because of the person who had taken the device has reset your device or switch off the “Find My Device” feature using some trick.

So, these are the steps using which you can find your lost or stolen Windows 10 devices by just syncing with the tracing tools & services. As from the article, you have got up that the methods aren’t too difficult or complicated, but any average user could apply these without any issues. It’s now your time to implement these features and secure your Windows 10 device and find the location in case, you lost or stolen. Hope you would like this guide, don’t forget to share your views.

We hope this will help you to Find Lost Windows device. Share with your friends and help them how is using windows mobiles. Thanks for reading.

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