Merge Your Facebook Pages – New method out

Merge Your Facebook Pages

Merge Your Facebook Pages

Merge Your Facebook Pages

How To Merge Your Facebook Pages?

Hi friends, Many of my friends asked me about Merging Facebook Pages. Here is the Trick. This article will help you to Merge Your Facebook Pages.

Facebook pages are a tool for brands and businesses to connect to their clients. Therefore there are a lot of pages on Facebook that people like and follow. These pages are maintained by admins, who have the right to control the page as well as publish content. Sometimes admins have more than pages. If these pages are for the similar purpose, admins would rather want to merge the pages together to engage more audience. In this way, admins can join the likes and check-ins of both pages into a single Facebook page. It reduces management work. We have listed all the necessary information and simple steps to merge Facebook pages.

Here are The Methods To Merge Your Facebook Pages

Preparation For Merging Facebook Page

Facebook merges those pages that have a related name as well as seem to represent the same thing. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes in your pages before merging them.

  1. Modify the names of the pages to the same. If it isn’t possible, then make them as similar as possible. For example, Tecfever and Tec Fever both are almost similar possible to merge.
  2. Also, update the about section with related information. It probably may be your website, address.

Note: You would probably require merging the page with fewer likes into the one with more likes. So before beginning the process, we advise you to download all the important photos and stuff that you need.

Part 1: – Merge Facebook Pages With Comparable Names

Follow these steps given below to merge pages on Facebook:

Merge Your Facebook Pages1

Step 2. Select the pages you need to merge.

Merge Your Facebook Pages2

Step 3. Now, Select “Merge Pages”.

Merge Your Facebook Pages3

Hence, now you will get a single Facebook page with combined likes as well as check-ins.


Part 2: – Merge Facebook Pages With Different Name

According to Facebook page policies, we can merge pages on Facebook with similar names. So If you want to merge pages with different names, then you have to make some changes.

If we have two distinct name page, 1st is of Tecfever Name, and 2nd is for TECAdmin. Now Suppose I want to merge TECAdmin into Tecfever.

Then we need to change TECAdmin’s page name to Tecfever. If the page name is too different, then change the name in 2 or 3 processes.

In first request TECAdmin => Tecfever TECAdmin

In second request Tecfever TECAdmin => Tecfever

We can adjust these name changing requests as our page name and similarity.

If you want to Change, Facebook Page Name Follow Below Given guide.


Part 3: – Solution For The Error “Pages can’t be merged.”


Merge Your Facebook Pages4

You may have a mistake like,


When Facebook page confirms merging more than 5 or 6 pages. Then, Facebook limits automatic merging. Therefore, to solve this error, you can attempt two methods.

 To Solve The Error “Pages Can’t Be Merged.” 

Method 1: – Lessen Total Merging Pages

The good way to merge several Facebook pages is that you pair up Facebook pages with a very identical number of likes in a continuous way. For example, two pages with 10k likes can be merged. Then the resulting page has 20k likes

Method 2:  Request Facebook Pages With Merge Error

This method is very powerful in removing the error “Pages can’t be merged.” And it is a premium.

Merge Your Facebook Pages5

This method requires filling a form for the manual merging of Facebook pages. Check out the link below for the form.


Note: – The is only available for few account. To access this form, you need to perform a little task. We have done this to reduce bogus request on the form. We have explained the whole process in document file you will receive from above link.

Part 4: – Merge Big Facebook Page Into Small 

If you want merge page with more likes into less or 0 like for the page, it doesn’t need to continue with any other method.

We hope that this will guide on how to merge Facebook pages. We give our best to explain the processes and methods related to merging Facebook pages. For any assistance or query, feel free to write to us in comments below.

We hope this method will help you to Merge Your Facebook Pages. Share it with your friends and help them. If you face any problem, you can comment here. We are always here to help you.

Thanks for reading.