Track facebook Profile Visitors – Who visited your profile?

Track facebook Profile Visitors

Track facebook Profile Visitors – Who visited your profile?


How To Track facebook Profile Visitors?

Today in this article we will explain another facebook trick which will help you to track facebook profile visitors and get their ID.

Today more than billions of personalities are using Facebook now, Facebook is one of the biggest networks of an Internet and has very much admired worldwide. Today billions of people using Facebook periodic in their life and multiple of user visit each other profile every day. But you cannot see instantly the visitors who have visited your profile. So here we are going to teach you to Track facebook Profile Visitors.

How To Track Your FB Profile Visitors

Let us have a look at the way by which you can track the visitors who have visited your profile that day. The process is very manageable and reliable; you have to follow some steps to do that. Just follow the below steps to continue.

Steps To Track Your FB Profile Visitors

Step 1. Login to the FB account and open the profile. Now Press ctrl+U. Now you will find the source code of that page

Track Your FB Profile Visitors1

Step 2. Then press Ctrl + F for opening the search box. Then paste this code {“list” in the search box. Now you would see the no. of the Facebook users that have visited on your profile.

Track Your FB Profile Visitors2

Step 3. Now you have to copy the ID of any of the visitor. Then open the URL the selected code.

For Eg; the chosen code/

Track Your FB Profile Visitors3

Then you would get into the profile page of that particular user that has visited your profile. Using this method, you can trace all the visitors who have visited in your profile

Please Note: The first few lists codes have arranged as your Chat list. So you have to skip some codes to discover who have visited your Facebook profile.

So above is the method to Track Your Facebook Profile Visitors. Using this method, you can trace the Facebook visitors that have visited your profile. The process is very straightforward and easy, and you can easily see your fans that recently visited your facebook that day.

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