2GB RAM Sensitivity


Camera Sensitivity (free Look)

Camera Sensitivity (free Look)

3rd Person Camera                      Camera

             100%                                    100%

TPP Camera


ADS Sensitivity

ADS Sensitivity for 2 GB RAM

3rd Person No Scope     1st Person No Scope
          100%                                  88%
Red dot, Holographic        2x Scope
             50%                               30%
3x Scope                            4x Scope, VSS
          22%                                14%
6x Scope                             8x Scope
      12%                                     10%

Gyro Not Recommended!

Gyro Not Recommended!

This is to inform you that in 2G RAM low-end devices not recommended to use Gyroscope.

Goto settings > Basic and set the gyroscope off.

It will help you to play better. When you apply the gyroscope option “ON’ it is very hard to play because your mobile phone will become very lag and hang.

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