Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android


Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android

How To Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android?


Today we will discuss an Android trick, that is having the more secured Lock screen Pattern For Android Get 4*4/5*5/6*6. Get it from here.

In these days Android is a popular operating system, and everybody is adopting Android phones. Google administers Android OS. We have discovered another trick to get the 4*4, 5*5 & 6*6 lock screen pattern for Android. Till now you had seen 3*3 lock screen pattern only. But the method that we are going to discuss right here will help you to have some extra security feature on your device. So have a look at this guide presented below to proceed.

How To Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android

The method is quite simple, and you should have a rooted Android that will let the Xposed installer to run on the device. After having the Xposed installer, you would be using a Xposed module application to get the 4*4/5*5/6*6 lock screen Pattern on your Android.

Steps To Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 lock screen Pattern For Android

1. Root your Android device.

2. Then Install Xposed Installer.

Get 4 Lockscreen Pattern For Android1

3. Download and install the Xposed module CyanLockScreen that will let you have 4*4, 5*5 & 6*6 Lockscreen Pattern

4. Now, after installation, you have to enable this in the Xposed module and for that click on the app in the Xposed installer.

Get 4 Lockscreen Pattern For Android25

5. Now reboot your device.

6. Then you have to run this app and select the UI that you need to switch to your Android device.

7. Now open the app and set the lock screen of the size that you wish to have on your lock screen the more the tough, the more is security, So you can choose 6*6 that will be better.

8. You have done, now you have the secure lock screen for your Android to protect your device from illegal access.

So above is all about Get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android. Use this method, and you will get more security on the Android lock screen as the pattern 6*6 is very tough to recognize. So use this and make your device more secure.

We hope you like our work to get 4*4/5*5/6*6 Lock screen Pattern For Android, keep sharing with others too. Leave the comments here if you have any queries with this. Thanks for reading.

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