Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator

How To Hide Folders & Files In Android Calculator?

You can have some additional features to your favorite apps. Here in this article, we share guidance to Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator.

We all know that billions of users are using Android today. Android is the platform which executes more features than any other OS. We have already shared some tricks on how to hide Files & Folders in Android as we all want privacy in contents.

In this post, we are here to share a trick that will allow you protect your files as well as folders in Android. We are going to use “SmartHide Calculator” which is a fully functional calculator app but with a little twist. This app is a vault where you can store pictures, videos, and documents. You need to setup a password and then press the “=” button then you will get to see the files inside the app.

How To Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator

“Smart Hide Calculator” is a dedicated calculator app but with an amazing additional feature. When you enter the password that you have to set it at the start of the application can be changed in future, press the ‘=’ button. Then boom you have displayed with an interface where you can unhide or hide pictures, videos, documents as well as files with any file extension placed in a folder on SD card, and if your device has root, you can hide (freeze) also unhide (un-freeze) applications.

Step 1. At the start, you have to download & install the application  Smart Hide Calculator on your Android.

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator1

Step 2. Run the app, and you need to set a password for using this application. It is the password that you would use to open your hidden files.

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator2

Step 3. After you have confirmed the password, you would see the fully functional calculator application on your screen.

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator3

Step 4. You have to type the password and click “=” button to access the vault

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator4

Step 5. After entering the password and clicked on ‘=’ button, you would get to see the options likes “Hide Files,” or “Unhide Files” and more.

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator5

You can now choose the files that you need to hide. If you need to unhide the files then only go to the vault and then select the option “Unhide Files, ” also from there you could unhide the files.

Hide Files And Folders In Android Calculator6

So, above is all about how to hide important files and folders inside calculator app. It is the most powerful hiding apps you can have on your Android because everyone would think it as a simple calculator.

We hope you like this article and do share it with your friends also. If you face any problems in any of the steps mentioned, leave us in comments below. Thanks for reading.



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