Make Prank Calls Using Android : Make fun with your Friends


Make Prank Calls Using Android

How To Make Prank Calls Using Android?

If you want to Make Prank Calls Using Android and make fun with your friends using your Android device, then read this article. We, here provide the best tricks.

Prank Calls, as you all know, are those whose caller ID is not visible to us. These callers use some unique technique to make these calls. Also today there are many apps available on Google Play store that could do this for you. Yes, you can make the prank calls to have some crazy moments with your friends. Therefore, we are going to share a trick that will help to hide your caller ID on the receiver phone and could do any prank calls to any of number.

Note: This app is only for fun & prank purposes and must not be used for any illegal activities as you can get tracked quickly.

How To Make Prank Calls Using Android 

This method has based on simple applications that are available for Android. With the help of these apps, you will have to fill your details and hide them when making a prank call to any number. Simply follow the steps below to continue.

Steps To Make Prank Calls Using Your Android

Step 1. You should have a software that is called VOXOX using which you can download from VOXOX official website that is available for your Android.

Make Prank Calls Using Android1

Step 2. After downloading this app, then install it on your Android. Once you open the app, you would see the screen as shown below

Make Prank Calls Using Android2

Step 3. Now you have to sign up for an account by entering your name, the Email ID also your contact number and with the first signing up, you would be granted with $1 free for calling

Make Prank Calls Using Android3

Step 4. Now you would find a dial pad to insert the number to be shown on the receiver’s screen, you can enter any of your choices, and then even you can enter your friend’s number also

Make Prank Calls Using Android4

Step 5. Now from the caller ID section type the details of any person to make yours anonymous and then click OK.

Make Prank Calls Using Android5

Step 6. Now you have done, now you can make the call to any number through this app by just typing his or her number in the application by making calls

Make Prank Calls Using Android6

By PhoneBuster CallerIDFaker

There are many apps out there that claim to alter the caller ID. However, none of those are working. However, Phone Busters are the most efficient one out there. It is a pay as you go service. You would get a free call once you installed the application, after that you have to pay for it. However, giving a missed call will not even pinch your free credit.

Step 1. Download and then install PhoneBuster on your Android. This tool is not available on Play Store, but you can get it from here

Make Prank Calls Using Android7

Step 2. When you have installed the application, you have to agree to the terms and conditions. Just click on “Agree” to proceed.

Make Prank Calls Using Android8

Step 3. Now you would see two tabs “CALLER ID” & “TO.”

Step 4. Now you have to write the number using which you wish to call in “CALLER ID.”

Make Prank Calls Using Android9

Step 5. Now you have to write the number to whom you need to call in “TO.”

Make Prank Calls Using Android10

Step 6. Now just click on “DIAL” to make the call, and click on “Hang up” to cut the call as well

Make Prank Calls Using Android11

So above article is all about Making Prank Calls Using Android. Using these apps, you can make prank calls to any friends & can have fun and make them surprised. As the caller ID as well as the number, details would be as to you with using the app that I have explained above.

We hope you like the article to Make Prank Calls Using Android, don’t forget to share this neat trick with your friends and leave comments below if you are suffering any trouble at any of the steps above. Thank you for reading.


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