You Can Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android


Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android

How To Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android? 

This article will help you to set a Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android. This method is very funny and you can make surprise your friends.

Android provides great flexibility, as well as control of its features like it, could be changing the wallpaper of the device, changing the home screen layout, changing the icons, etc. Like all that features, Android also allows the control to create changes with the notification sounds of the device and let you set a different notification ringtone for any task. You can hear the low battery warning, and most probably it is the aspect of the notification sounds that you may not have changed till now, Have you ever changed it, or you have not found any way to do so on Android? Yeah, this happens with almost every user as there is no such direct option available in the Android device through which you could do that, but there is some method by which it could be done. By using that method, you can quickly set up the low battery notification ringtone on Android device. To know about the way, just read up the article given below.

How to Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android

The method is very straightforward and easy, and you just need to use a simple app that will allow you to set low battery notification ringtone on Android. So follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android

1. Download and install the application “Battery Notifier BT Free” on your Android. You can get this application from the Google Play store easily from where you can install it. Check that you confirm all those permissions that the application asks before downloading it and also see that you install this application on the phone memory and not on the memory card.

2. After the installation, open it through the icon placed on either your home screen or the app’s dock. Now inside the app click on the Settings option which you shall see up easily in the middle of your screen. If that doesn’t appear on your screen, try to click on the three-dot menu placed on the top corner of the screen.

Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android1

3. Now you would see a list of choices inside the app; you just need to select up the option “Low battery charge options.“ From here onwards, you will be able to set the various aspects of your device when the battery comes to certain low level.

Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android2

4. Now set up the Low options battery, Repeat interval, Sound mode, Vibration mode, and at last the Notification ringtone from there. You could do that by the simple options & toggle the buttons. For changing the low battery notification, you could set it to any of your device’s media or the pre-defined device’s ringtones.

Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android3

5. After fixing the tone from the options, save it and then close the app. Now you would see that your device shall play the ringtone that you have set as the low battery notification, whenever it alerts for the purpose. It will hence notify you loudly, and therefore you can quickly plug your device for charging

After all, Android is such a great platform where the users could easily do anything no matter if it has not allowed in it by default. Users can add several functions to the Android using different apps, tricks and hence they can enjoy their desired functionality on their device too. A ringtone for low battery notification can also be set like that only as it has described in the method written in this article. You just have to follow that way to do so.

We hope this article help you to Set Ringtone For Low Battery Notification In Android. Share with your android friends and help them.

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