How To Take 3D Photos Using Android


Take 3D Photos Using Android

How To Take 3D Photos Using Android?

This article will help you to capture or Take 3D photos using Android device. Read, follow and use the trick to take 3D photos.

If you want to take some special moments in some cool trick, then 3D capturing is one of the best methods of taking that gives the realistic effect to the pictures. But 3D capturing features is not accessible by default on almost all Android. And if you are dropping this cool method of capturing then do not worry as we are here to explain you the trick using which you can click some pictures in 3-D views that would enhance your photo-realistic nature. And this would be possible with one Android app that we are going to explain right here. So have a look at this guide explained below to continue.

How To Take 3D Photos Using Android

The app that we are going to discuss right here would let you take 3D pictures and even pictures of moving objects, and this has done by its frame division trick by which it can combine multiple pictures frames into one to give the realistic 3D effect. So follow the steps below to continue.

Features Of Phogy 3D Camera Application

• It doesn’t need any special hardware.
• It creates unique selfies using 3D shots.
• Easy Image Share to emails as well as social networking sites.
• It provides an option for High-Quality Mp4 sharing.
• Creates GIF format pictures to share.
• Set Phogy as 3D effect live wallpapers.

How To Take 3D Photos On Android Using Phogy 3D Camera

Step 1. Download and install Phogy, 3D Camera app for your Android in which you need to capture some impressive images in 3D

Take 3D Photos On Android1

Step 2. Now Run the app after installing it on your device.

Take 3D Photos On Android2

Step 3. Now it will display some of the first guides for capturing 3D images, and you just need to keep them in your mind for better photography with this tool.

Take 3D Photos On Android3

Step 4. Now time to take some amazing 3D shots with this app by clicking on the camera button. Then focus on the target, and now you have to move devices to the right side again focusing on the target

Take 3D Photos On Android4

Now the picture frames at different views would get merged, and you would have your 3D picture with you. Now you can share it on social media networks and even make it as your wallpaper.

Apps Similar To Phogy

Fyuse – 3D Photos

Take 3D Photos On Android5

Fyuse is a spatial picture-taking tool that allows anyone with a smartphone to capture 3D images. These pictures, or “fyuses,” are engaged by tilting your phone or by swiping your screen. Fyuse captures space, not time, and allows you to view moments from different angles, at your pace.

Camera 3D

Take 3D Photos On Android6

Using this app, you can take up to 99 photos for one “3D” image set, the maximum number of pictures would largely depend on the memory available. It also helps to create GIF images on your device and allows you to create 360-degree photos.

Make It 3D

Take 3D Photos On Android7

Make It 3D is also a “3D” application that makes real image to 3D image. It generates anaglyph 3D photo from phone’s camera or gallery. You can make anaglyph stereo pictures with only one camera. You don’t need “3D” smartphone which has “3D camera” to generate stereo photographs.

So above is all about To Take 3D Photos On Android, With this app, you can quickly take some cool, amazing pictures in 3D views that will look awesome and will be perfect for sharing with friends or setting up for live wallpapers.

Hope you enjoy this cool guide, do share with others also. Leave the comments here, if you have any queries with this. If you any better techniques, then do share with us in comments. Thank you for reading.

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