Use Your Android As Mouse And Keyboard of your PC


Use Your Android As Mouse And Keyboard

How to Use Your Android As Mouse And Keyboard

This article will help you to Use Your Android As Mouse And Keyboard. This will be helpful if your computer keyboard or mouse get crashed

Android is a very active device which provides a lot of feature for its user. An Android operating system has most widely used around the globe, and there are a lot of apps that is being developed to run on this Operating System that makes it more user-friendly. In this article, we are explaining one of the features; you can use your Android device to work it as a mouse and keyboard for your laptop and computers, etc.

How To Use Your Android As Mouse and Keyboard

It is a very fine implement as you would be using your Android device as a PC controller in your hands and remotely too. And this guide will help you to control PC from remotely from a distance. Follow the below steps to proceed.

The Easy, Free Way:      Intel Remote Keyboard

If you are using an Intel-based computer, then you would love what the company is operating with the Intel-Remote Keyboard

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Let Us Look At Setting Up Intel-Remote Keyboard

1. first of all, Download the Intel Remote Keyboard on your Android device/tablet.
2. Then Download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host on your Windows PC as well. You will have to select x86 or x64 depending on your Windows. If you are not sure what you are executing, there are four easy methods to know if you are on 64-bit Windows.
Important: Make sure that your Android and Windows devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
3. On your Android phone, tap the Windows device name.
4. Your Windows PC will now show a large QR code. Just scan it with your Android phone’s camera (following the on-screen instructions) and the two devices will be paired.
5. You’re all set now

What You Should Do

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard2

The app is a virtual trackpad and keyboard for your computer. You can use it in portrait or landscape mode.

In portrait mode, your screen is divided into the trackpad area on the top and keyboard at the bottom. Intel’s keyboard looks much like any Android keyboard but also has a Windows button, an Esc button, and the four arrow keys.

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard3

What You Should Not Do

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard4

Volume control is oOne other feature I wish the remote keyboard enabled is a simple but crucial one. If you want to control volume manually on your PC, you have to click the volume button on your system tray and click+hold to adjust. That’s not an easy to do with the Intel-Remote Keyboard as of its sensitivity. Hopefully, in near future update, Intel will add the ability to control volume remotely with the Android volume buttons too.

Using Monect PC Remote

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the PC remote receiver from here on your computer and install it.

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard5

Step 2. Now you need to download Monect PC Remote on your Android device.

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard6

Step 3. Now you need to open the mobile app and computer, and you need to be connected to the same wifi network

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard7

Step 4. Now just tap on your PC name from your Android device.

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard8

Step 5. You will see the screen which will work as a mouse. Simply move your fingers over the blank screen, and you will notice your cursor on your PC screen will move.

Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard9

It is the easiest way to use your Android device as a mouse and keyboard.

So above is all about Use Your Android As Mouse and Keyboard. By this, you can easily control your computer using your Android device and manage some easy works on your PC through your smart phone. And also there will be no need to sit in front of PC is you are using this over the wifi connection. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you still facing any problem.

 We hope this article will help you to Use Your Android As Mouse And Keyboard. Share with your freinds who has android phone and pc with a broken keyboard or mouse.
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