Android WiFi Hack 5 Best Applications – Tec Fever


Android WiFi Hack 5 Best Applications

Android WiFi Hack 5 Best Applications - Tec Fever

Android WiFi Hack 5 Best Applications – Tec Fever Tutorial

Android WiFi Hack 5 Best Applications – Tec Fever Read Out Below

This Tutorial is mainly for educational purpose. Android is one of the trending OS in the mobile world. Here am providing How peoples can hack a wifi password using Android application. Here No Root Needed.

Here am giving the list of 5 Android WiFi Hack apps.

  1. WiFi Kill.
  2. WPS Connect.
  3. WiFi WPS Wpa Tester.
  4. Network Spoofer.
  5. Network Discovery.
1.WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill is a very good WiFi hacking tool. Even though it doesn’t connect to a WiFi network without giving a password, once you are connected, you have complete control. It is also an excellent choice in all WiFi hacking apps for Android which lets you know how many devices are attached to the WiFi network. It also shows you their IP as and MAC addresses. You can also control the traffic over the WiFi network directly from your Android phone. It is a very useful app. But it also requires root privileges to perform its functions. You can download it from the Google play store. The link is given below.

Click Here To Download WIFI Kill

2.WPS Connect

WPS connect app best in all WiFi hacking apps for Android. It is considered one of the best apps for Android to connect to a WiFi network. It requires root access and works in the background to exploit WPS errors in many routers. You can connect to a router which has a default WPS code that hasn’t been changed. It has all the default codes stored in it, and it can also work with various password generating algorithms to hack a WiFi network. WPS Connect is available on the Google play store, and you can install it, but it only works for Android 4.1.2 and above.


How To Use WPS Connect To Hack WiFi.

Step 1. Install WPS connect from the play store.
Step 2. Turn on WiFi of your phone and look if there is a WPS enabled connection available.
Step 3. Now open the WPS connect application and grant the root access.
Step 4. Now hit the refresh button. So it helps to scan the available WiFi networks.
Step 5. Choose the network you want to hack through this app, and you will see a list of pin codes available.
Step 6. Select a pin code and try to connect. If the pin code works, you will see a password there, or you can try another pin code from the list.
Step 7. Once you see the password, copy it. Then go to your phone’s WiFi settings and paste it.
Step 8. Tap connect, and you will be able to login to the WiFi network.

3. WiFi WPS Wpa Tester (Android wifi hack app)

This app concentrates on the routers that connect via WPS technology. WPS joins your devices without a password, using a pin or WPS button.

4. Network Spoofer.

This app lets you spoof in WiFi networks to change your identification on a local network. You can mask your local IP with this app.

5. Network Discovery.

This app deals with the hidden WiFi networks around you as well as help you crack them effortlessly.

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