Backup Contacts In Android


Backup Contacts In Android

Backup Contacts In Android

How To Backup Contacts In Android


The Below Article Will Teach You To Backup Contacts In Android


When we talk about Backup Contacts In Android, As Android Operating system is a Google product, so Google gives all the features which need other services like Play store, drives, maps music and much more. To store big amount data and keep them secure We need to create backup our all data safely. Google also provides or Gmail account for backups, Sync features to drive,  but we need a high-speed internet connection to do that. The most valuable data of our phone is Contacts. So always to make a backup of all of them. If our Android device is lost, or sometimes our Android device is accidentally formatted by someone. If you do not have the internet to sync, then we have to backup contacts on some other storage device like memory card so that we can take backup in case of any difficulty. If you do not know how to do so,  don’t worry today we are going to discuss some best techniques to backup contacts on Android device. So you can simply recover them whenever you need.

How To Backup Contacts in Android?

Method 1: – Backup Android Contact To SD Card

Contact Application is an inbuilt Android app that comes with every device. It is used to control contacts on our Android device, we can save new contacts, and it also allow us to take backup of contacts into SD card or sim Card. We can transfer these contacts to computer or some other device.

Step To Backup Contacts In Android.

1. Open your Android device menu and tap on contact App.
2. Now click the Tap button now you see a popup Menu.
3. Now tap the import/export menu item.

Backup Contacts In Android 1

4. Now you see import/export popup menu. In the menu tap export to external storage.

Backup Contacts In Android 2

5. Here you can backup your Android contacts to SD card. The backup Contacts are saved as VCard file in SD card.
6. Now you can connect your phone with PC using Wifi and USB cable and Drag and Drop your contacts to PC or Laptop.

Method 2: – Backup Contacts From Android To Gmail

We can also backup our Android phone contacts on our Gmail Account by using the following simple steps.

Step To Backup All Contacts On Android.

1. Open Android menu and go to settings.
2. In the settings tap on the scroll button to find Account and sync.

Backup Contacts In Android 3

3. Then Login to Gmail Account and choose sync contact option. It will take few minutes.

Backup Contacts In Android 4

4. If contacts are already saved to your Gmail Account, then we need not follow first steps and then directly login to your Account. Open your Gmail on PC.
5. Select the contacts that we want to backup and tap more button then select export button.

Backup Contacts In Android 5

6. Choose the selected contact radio button and choose the V-card format then we can save your contact to PC. We can open them in the Address book.

Method 3: – Backup Contacts From Android To PC

MobileGo is the best Application for sharing Android device data with computers. We can transfer files from Android to the PC and vice versa. This app is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It helps you to backup contacts just with one click.

Step To Backup Contacts On Android.

1. Download and Install MobileGo Wondershare Application in your system. Run the App.
2. Connect your Android device to WiFi or via a USB cable. The application will Automatically detect your Android device and show in the primary Window.

Backup Contacts In Android 6

3. Then click on the contact tab to open the contact management Window.
4. Here you can see the list of phone contacts.
5. Choose the contacts and click on import/export button.

Backup Contacts In Android 9

6.  see a drop down menu. In the menu tap Export selected contacts to computer or export all contacts to computer.


Backup Contacts In Android 8

7. Now your contact list is ready.  You can see it using Outlook Express, Window address book, etc. in the vCard file.

So this is the best way to backup your contact. We hope it helps you to do so. If you feel the same, please share it with others. If you have any doubts regarding this article, feel free to write in the comment box. Be in touch with us for more like this.



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