Change Android Camera Shutter Speed


Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

Nowadays most of the users dont know how to change Change Android Camera Shutter Speed. today we are going to teach you about Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

If your camera has good shutter speed, it could click the pictures much quicker than any other camera, and it will not lease the quality of the image too. Digital camera’s and the standalone camera’s do have great shutter speeds also by chance, if these cameras have weak shutter speeds, then the users will have to go with that only. It couldn’t be boosted by anyway, but in the case of smartphone cameras, there is more vast features and flexibility by which users can do increase up to the shutter speeds of device’s camera using the third-party camera applications. Camera FV-5 Lite is one such camera tool for Android devices which would help you to raise shutter speed of the smartphone device camera although not blazingly quick. Here in this post, we have written all the guidance which could help you to change the shutter speed in your Android by using the Camera FV-5 Lite tool.

How To Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

The method is quite easy and straightforward, and you just have to install one application and use it to fix the shutter speed of your Android camera. Follow the steps from here.

Steps To Change Android Camera Shutter Speed

  • Download & install the tool Camera FV-5 Lite free app from the Play store.
  • After installation, run it on your device and then proceed the following steps. Note that this is a camera application. Therefore, you will have to launch into a camera interface where you would see some options on the either sides, and there will be a shutter button also.

Change Android Camera Shutter Speed 1

  • From the different option icons fixed in the camera interface of this tool, you can see “P” icon on the left. Press the icon, and then you would see a Program Mode choices on the left side of the screen. There will be two separate alphabet icons naming “P” & “S, ” and you will have to click on the “S” icon.

Change Android Camera Shutter Speed 2

  • Now you will get into the camera menu on the sidebar from where you can quickly set the shutter speed for your device’s camera by fixing the time for which the shutter remains open when you click. You will be presented with the preset values, and you can select from these such as 1 seconds, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, and so on.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the regular camera UI after you have selected the desired shutter speed. Simply focus and click you’re the images, and the shutter would behave like you have fixed above.

In this post, we gave you possible knowledge through which you can quickly change the shutter speed on Android device camera by using the tool named Camera FV-5 Lite. It is very simple as you have got out in the above post and you will not require any knowledge of the trick to doing that, just go through some simple options and menus and complete your task. Do try it on your Android device and maybe you can start to get photos from your Android camera with amazing quick speeds.

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