Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android

Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android

How To Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android

This article will help you to Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android. Simply follow the given steps and enjoy.


Android is one of the widely used OS for the smartphone devices that the users love, and this is all because of its great interface and the accessibility of so many kinds of applications that could be installed as the external apps. These apps which can be installed from the either Google Play store or other sources does not get installed as the stable system applications while these gets installed only as the substitute apps all of which suddenly gets excluded on resetting the device. The main issue of the external apps that the users might feel, these applications just have to be taken care of, and while if due to any mishap these applications gets uninstalled from the Android these require to be reinstalled. On the other side, the system applications on the Android doesn’t possess any uninstall or delete option, and hence these can not be removed at all from your device. What a wonderful feature that will be if you could install your favored apps as the system applications and hence get free of troubles related to the uninstallation of these applications. Let me assure you that this feature is not available on the Android device by default to install external apps as system applications, but this can be completed through some tricks. Here in this post, we are discussing that method using which the users can be able to install the external applications as system apps on their Android device.

How To Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android

You need a Rooted Android, File Manager App having access to Root Files and after rooting, you should follow the steps below.

Steps To Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android

1. For the object of File Manager with access to root files, we prefer using the ES File Explorer, but you can also use any other application, but for those many apps, the trick might be somewhat separate. It will be better to choose ES File Explorer App.

2. In this method, Open the ES File Explorer application and from inside the application swipe from the left for opening the navigation. From the navigation drawer, you have to allow the “Root Explorer” option, allow the SuperUser entrance if asked on the screen

3. You have to open the Internal Storage as well, and from there you would have to click on “/” button at the top for accessing the system files

4. From inside the device folder, you have opened now in the above step, head to the “Data” & then the “app” folder to get all those installed applications on your Android. Then Long Press on the app folder that you need to make the system application and now select the “Cut” option.

5. Now Navigate to the “/” folder again so as to open the System folder from there. Open the “App” folder and then paste the cut application folder. It will copy your application to the system, but for the case, you have to provide some guarantees so that the app can run like the system application on your device.

6.Now long press the copied application folder >>> open it’s “Properties,” >>> click on the “Change” button >>> “Permissions” option. You have to allow “Read/Write & Execute permissions” from there. Do the equivalent for the APK file in the app folder and modify it’s permissions also.

7. Now Restart your device, and you will notice that the selected application has been made the system application.

So this guide was all about the way using which you can be able to install your favored external apps as the system applications on your Android device which are not included as system applications on your device. Hope you like the way and use it to install your essential apps as the system applications on your Android. If you still have not used the method for the object then go and use it right now.

We hope this article will help you to Convert External Apps Into System Apps In Android. Share with your friends and help them. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to comment your suggestions. Comment if you have any doubts we are always here to help you.

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