Create Android Free App For Website


Create Android Free App For Website

Create Android Free App For Website

How to Create Android Free App For Website?

This article will help you to Create Android Free App For Website. We hope it is very helpful for you.

In these days Android Market become the most popular place for downloading apps for mobile phones. Every person who use the internet on their mobile to do searches for finding any data or just for fun to download applications. We use Google Pay, Nokia / iTunes Stores for detecting any interesting apps including for business, games, Education, Finance or many another field for information or just for fun. We use these apps because of their better performance and also these apps helps us to find accurate requires information quickly. For example, if you are stockholder then you can download apps related to your business field and easily observe rates as a faster speed at anywhere. So there are some benefits of this application.
Now in this article, I choose to write about creating your Android apps because there are lots of benefits of creating requests for Android. If you have any Blog or website then by creating your apps you can increase your customers & visitors also. You can also produce revenue from Android which I will discuss in my next article. Now here are the few steps and simple method to create your app.

How To Create Free Android Apps For Website or Blog


Here I am going to create a free app for our jobs site. This app is for guidance only, so I don’t use too many features to give it extra professional look because it demands some time. So I make it easier.


  • Firstly Go to
  • Signup For New account by using Twitter / Facebook.
  • Click on create new app button.

Create Android Free App For Blogg Or Website1


  • Now select custom design theme. There are many free custom designs from which you can choose any design which feels better for application style & appearance.
  • Customize your design as you need from design & customize button. In which you can change background, logo, Title, Navigation tabs or many features.

Create Android Free App For Blogg Or Website2


  •  Click on each tab to edit it. When you make some changes,  you must preview apps on left side demo apps box.
  • As I shown below how to edit manage navigation icons, You can delete or modify it by adding any images and changing names. After making all change must preview apps in the left-side demo-.

Create Android Free App For Blogg Or Website3


  • After adding your all icons as shown below, you have to add some content or links in all icons because without adding anything from icons you see doubt sign on every icon. So add some content just click on a particular icon.

Create Android Free App For Blogg Or Website4

  •  When you click on the icon, then the box will appear as shown in below image. I am aiming for page type click on change page type as you need there are many widgets already in change page type option.
  • Select the particular page type then enter the page title and then particular URL.
  • Click on each tab to edit, when you make some change preview, your apps on left side demo apps look.

Create Android Free App For Blogg Or Website5

Note: – If you need to add RSS feed link in page type, you have to add RSS feed in below format.


After Setting all the opinion bases on your apps requirement, now time to publish your app. Click on the complete button & then add some information about your apps and insert the logo.
Your App is ready to use on Android Mobiles & also hosted free on build app. You can also publish the link for on your site for download. But you have to play $25 for signing up Play store and $29/month for iTunes.
But Your app is ready to use on Android phones you can promote buildup link for your application or download and save your app on your device and in future if you desire to publish on Play store or iTunes then use your protected apps.
I Hope this tutorial above making free Android apps help you to improve your skill about creating your apps simply. So there no need to hire any developer for creating an application for you.

If you face any difficulty in creating an application, feel free to share your comment. We will check it out.

I hope this article will help you to Create Android Free App For Website. if you like this post, you must share it with your friends who is running website. This is a helpful article for bloggers.

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