Get Android N’s Emojis On Any Android


Get Android N’s Emojis On Any Android

How To Get Android N’s Emojis On Any Android?


The method will help you to install all the latest emoji’s that are in Android N on any Android. So follow the simple steps below.

In recent years, the Android platform has progressed a lot, and we all have seen numerous new versions that have been released for the Devices. There is the release of Android N Preview and also an official update for certain devices. Users who are curious about new versions of Android would like to undergo the Android N features. This version has launched officially and available for some limited devices mostly the new ones. Here in this article, we are here to discuss how you can get Android N’s Emoji’s on any Android, no matter how old your device is or how old version its running out.

How To Get Android N’s Emojis On Any Android

The method is quite straightforward, and you have to flash a simple zip file that would install the latest emoji’s on your device. So follow the steps given below.

Steps To Getting Android N’s Emojis On Any Android

1. Initially, you need to root your Android. Click here for rooting.

2. You have to backup all your applications on your Android, and for this, we recommend you Titanium Backup for this purpose as this would work on rooted Android and give you the entire backup of all the data. Save the backup file on the SD Card.

Get Android N's Emojis On Any Android1

3. The important thing you have to do is to take the backup of your current ROM, and this could be best done with the help of either the Clockworkmod or by the ROM Manager Appthis app would automatically backup your Current Rom and save the ROM Backup File On The External SD Card

Get Android N's Emojis On Any Android2

4. After doing all the steps explained above, continue with installing the Custom Recovery you could search the method for the respective Android device, and in MTK devices you could use the application Mobile Uncle Tool to Install The Custom-Recovery__

5. You have to Download the Android N Emoji

6. Use the application Rom Manager App which is safe as well as flash the zip that you had downloaded

Get Android N's Emojis On Any Android3


So the above tutorial is all about How To Get Android N’s Emojis On Any Android. Use the above steps, and you can get all the new emojis of Android N on any Android, and you will not have to wait till you get the official update of Android N on your device.

We hope you like the article. So try this out today, keep sharing with others too, Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this. Thanks for reading.

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