How To Disable OR Modify Android Sensors

How To Disable OR Modify Android Sensors

How To DisableModify Android Sensors

How To Disable OR Modify Android Sensors

Do you know How To Disable OR Modify Android Sensors? Today we are going to talk about How To Disable OR Modify Android Sensors

Android is the only tool which can be customized with a lot of modern tweaks and tricks that you may have discovered from our site or anywhere else. And today we are here with something very special. And today we are continuing to explain some tweaks of modifying or disabling the Android sensors. In this article, instructions help you to edit the features of any of the Android sensors, So have a look at guide explained below to proceed.

How To Disable/Modify Android Sensors

The method is very easy, and you just need a neat Xposed module that will let you disable and change any of the sensors on your Android device, and that would be possible only after rooting your Android device. So follow the simple steps below to continue.

Steps To Disable/Modify Working Of Android Sensors

Step 1. You should have a rooted Android as Xposed installer can only be installed on a rooted Android, so Root your android

How To DisableModify Android Sensors1

Step 2. After the rooting process, you need to install the Xposed installer on your Android.

How To DisableModify Android Sensors2

In some of the old versions of Android, this may not work, and those users can get theXposed APK and try to install the Xposed Installer directly. After installing APK, just click on Install/Update button there.

Step 3. After installing the Xposed framework on your Android, the only thing you should install Sensor Disabler

How To DisableModify Android Sensors3

Step 4. Now you have to allow this module in the Xposed installer modules by clicking on it

How To DisableModify Android Sensors4

Step 5. Now you would see all the sensors that are on your device, and you can modify any of them as your wish by just clicking on it, and you can modify/disable it like Accelerometer as shown here.

How To DisableModify Android Sensors5

You would see more options to disable/modify the working of any of the sensors. Just install the module and explore the app by your own.

How To DisableModify Android Sensors6

So this article is all about How To Disable/Modify Android Sensors. Use the complete guide discussed above and you can easily do any changes on the sensors of your Android device and that also quickly. So try this out today. Hope you like this guide, do share with others also. Leave comment below if you have any queries with this article

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