How To Record GamePlay On Android

How To Record GamePlay On Android

How To Record GamePlay On Android

How To Record GamePlay On Android

Do you know How To Record GamePlay On Android? Here we are going to teach you about How To Record GamePlay On Android

Many game lovers used to record the gameplay that they play on their devices and for that users go for screen recording apps, but their result doesn’t meet the expectation as the display recording apps record screen at low-quality recording. However, if you want to do some high-quality graphics recordings on your device, then you are at a right place. Here we have explained some of the best ways that are designed to records games in Android device and that too with better quality. The method is quite simple, and with that, you can easily record any of your favorite game at HD quality. So have a look at the complete process discussed below to proceed.

How To Record GamePlay On Android

The method is quite straightforward, and you should have a Google Play Application that is pre-installed on your Android device which will let you record gameplay and that also on high-quality recording and without any need of third party tool. So have a look step by step guide below to proceed

Steps For Recording Using Google Play Games App


Step 1. You should have the latest version of the application Google Play Games and if you don’t have, then get it updated from the Play Store as the screen recording feature is only there in its latest version.

How To Record GamePlay On Android1

Step 2. You will see the new option for Gameplay record that will enable you to see from the saved feeds there in Google Play application

How To Record GamePlay On Android2

Step 3. Now browse to the game of which you want to record the gameplay and there click on the “Record” logo.

How To Record GamePlay On Android3

Step 4. Now you will be prompt to select the quality of your video recording. Just, select it according to your wish and click “Next.”

How To Record GamePlay On Android4

Step 5. Now launch the game, and you can see the recording tray while the gameplay

How To Record GamePlay On Android5

Have A Look At Similar Apps 

AZ Screen Recorder

How To Record GamePlay On Android6

It is one of the best Android apps to record screen in Android as in this app there is the facility of secret recording by which you can record screen and the clips of your front cam without anything displaying on display. And this app is specially designed for the lollipop version of Android.


How To Record GamePlay On Android7

It is another Android application which records the screen activity. This app is available for free and works without root. In this application, you have to set the bit rate as well as file saving path at the very first use of the tool. You can also record audio using this app, and this app gives you 10 sec when you click on ready to create you ready for the recording.


How To Record GamePlay On Android8

It is one of the favorite apps to record Android screen activities without rooting it. Using this app, you can record screen, share data between a computer and your Android and lots of more option that are available on this app. Also, this app is freely available on the Google Play Store.


How To Record GamePlay On Android9

Vysor lets you view and controls your Android on your PC. Use apps, manage your Android, play games using your mouse as well as the keyboard. Go wireless, & mirror your Android to your desktop, ideal for presentations. The application does not record. Users have to record the Android screen from the PC.

This is all about How To Record GamePlay On Android. Using this method, you can record your best moments of your gaming experience on your Android device. Without using any third party tool & at the High definition recording using Google app.

Hope you will enjoy this cool technique If you feel the same please do share this with your family and friends. If you have any queries, please feel free to discuss with experts in the comment box below.

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