How To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card”


How To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card”

How To Resolve Unable To Format SD Card

How To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card”

Do you know How To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card”. Here we are going to teach you How To Resolve Unable To Format SD Card

SD card formatting implies that you simply delete every little byte of data from the SD card and left it full of free space. SD card format could be required mostly by the users when they do not feel like saving all the trash data on their memory card. It could be necessary for some other reasons too, so, for this reason, there has been a unique and secure option available in every OS such as Android, BBOS, iOS, etc. In Android and every other OS, there can be a problem where the option of formatting SD card will not just do it works no matters how many times you try to tap on it. It is a very common issue that the users could sometimes face while using the Android device (or any other appliance), so we are going to explain the way through which you could bypass this problem on Android device. Now the plan has been written below in this section, and the only thing you would have to do is follow the article and get on the detailed process

How To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card.”

The method is straightforward and easy, and you just have to follow the below-discussed guide, and with that, you can format your SD card when your Android is unable to do that.

Steps To Resolve “Unable To Format SD Card.”

  • If you are not able to format your SD card on your Android device, then this reasonably means that the SD card has been obstructed by some other system executions. Maybe you will not be able to access the SD card so to continue using your SD card again; you would have to format it using another device. By this, we mean that you have to use the PC.
  • Connect your memory card with PC using a Card Reader connection via data cable, in any way you favor the most.

How To Resolve Unable To Format SD Card1

  • Now after your SD card has correctly connected to the computer (running Windows) >>> go to the My Computer Window >>> then look for your SD card Icon. Now Right-click on the SD card icon from there >>> select “Format.“
  • You would see that the Format windows would pop up on the screen also there will be some options and preferences there on the screen. Select the file system as “FAT32” from the panel and then click on the “Format” button from the bottom of the panel.

How To Resolve Unable To Format SD Card2

  • Windows would now try to format your SD card, and most probably it would quickly format it, but if it is unable to format, you can still use your SD card, and the process will not harm it.

Note: In case you fail to use SD card on your Android, you can go for other storage options such as USB OTG (if supported) as this will not be using your device’s card slot accessing which may cause the read or write issue.

And these are the available methods that you can apply to your Android with the SD card, not a Formatting problem, and these processes are not at all complicated to be implemented. Your problem could be solved by executing any of the above methods on your Android device. Now just go and apply these to solve the related issue.


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