Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android


Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android

Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android

You can Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online 24*7 On Your Android. To know more read the article below completely.

Facebook and Whatsapp are the best social networking media that has been created. There are also the mobile apps available for these networks. Almost every social network user on this system would know that these apps have a feature that tells your friends that whether you are ready to chat or not. This message of whether you are active for the chat or not is communicated by the mark of Online / Offline that you might be familiar. If you have a tricky mind and need yourself to be shown as active or online all the time on these networks so that your friends may get fooled, then you would surely like to do that in practical, but you may be thinking about how you can do that. Here in this post, you would come to know about the method to make yourself always online on WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

How To Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android

Below we are discussing the steps for making your FB Messenger and WhatsApp Online for always. So follow the steps below. Also, you can make this on your device.

By Using Screen Timeout Function

1.  Check that your device apps for WhatsApp or FB are up-to-date, i.e., you should have installed the latest version for these apps. This step is crucial. Otherwise, you will not be able to make your accounts online all the time.

2. After that you have to enable by going to Settings ->> About Phone ->> Build Number (Click on build number for 7-10 times and the developer options would get activated), and then from the developer option click on “Stay awake.”

Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android1

NOTE: This will never let the screen of your device to shut off, and it will always remain lit unless you switch it off through lock screen button on your device.

3. And that’s all; you have almost done. Now you just need to switch ON your device network and then open your account on FB / WhatsApp. The time till the display on your device would remain active; you shall never go Offline. So keep your display active, and you can continue to be Online, and once the display is locked, you would be shown Offline.

By Using Third Party Application “(Stay Alive! Keep screen awake)”

You can also use a third party app that will let you make your WhatsApp and Facebook online always. This application will keep your screen ON when your device is running your GPS app, favorite remote control, playing a movie/slideshow. Perfect to keep your display on without dimming for app development. Your screen would never go back to sleep until you need it. So try this app.

Keep FB Messenger And WhatsApp Online All The Time In Your Android2

The main part of this method is that you have to keep the screen of your device active and do not let it go to sleep. The time till your screen is active; you would remain active on FB as well as WhatsApp. You can do this by using some applications that help you to allow the screen remains active. You can use Stay Live application if you are an Android user and that would make the screen of your device active always.

Here in this article, you have now learned the method of how you can keep the WhatsApp as well as FB Messenger online for all the time. You people might be thinking that it would be not the greatest trick because you have to keep the screen of your device. It lit whole of the time, but this is the only method that can allow you to do that and further if we shall found any other method for the same then we would provide you with that too.

We hope you like the post on Keeping Yourself Online All The Time On FB Messenger And WhatsApp In Your Android. Use this trick and do share the article with your friends. Thanks for reading.


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