Restrict Android App Permissions – This Simple Method is Helpful


Restrict Android App Permissions

How To Restrict Android App Permissions?

Limit apps OR Restrict Android App Permissions to block your private data from having illegally accessed from your Android by managing the apps permissions.

When you install applications from the Play Store, you mainly accept all permissions that the app needs to access services on Android. But there are a lot of apps that need these permissions to access your private data, and they could work as a keylogger. So it better to manage their permissions, and you can handle them as your wish and restrict all those unofficial applications that you think are having extra permissions than their need. It is called Restrict Android App Permissions. So here we have a method by which you can easily manage permissions of apps on your Android.

How we can Restrict Android App Permissions

For this process, we have two ways that users can use as your device as one method would work on rooted Android and another on nonrooted Android. And you can use any of them as you desire. The method for rooted Android is an advanced way of managing permission in which you can control each and every permission.

Restrict Android App Permissions using this step

Restrict Your Android App Permissions1

  • After installing Xposed Installer on Android, you have to download its module Xprivacy
  • Now launch the app and activate it in the Xposed installer. Now you would see the list of all the applications that you have installed on your Android.

Restrict Your Android App Permissions2

  • Now you will have the complete privilege to access all permissions & manage them as your need.

    Restrict App Permission On Non-Rooted Android

  • Download & then install the app App Permission Manager.
  • Now launch the app and then you will see the list of all the apps that you have installed.

Restrict Your Android App Permissions3

  • Now click on the app of that you want to manage permission, and you would see the list of the permissions that the app is using in your device.

Restrict Your Android App Permissions4

  • Now edit them all according to your wish, and that’s it, and you have done.

So this was all about Restrict Android App Permissions. So above are the discussed ways for rooted and not rooted Android to restrict apps permission in your Android device and with it, you can ensure your privacy and secure your data from being illegally accessed by certain apps.

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