Use Android Device As Your PC’s Second Monitor

Use Android As Computer Second Monitor

How To Use Android As Computer Second Monitor?

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Every computer uses a single monitor, or the display screen which is required to view all those activities has been performed by the system and most os the primary users would not have to connect more than one monitor to their PC for any of the purposes. It was about the primary users but what if there is any need of doing the advanced technical task on the PC by the professionals? They do require to monitor better their so many tasks being going on their PC, and a single monitor screen can not do this, so for that, they connect the multiple displays. Now if you are going to manage some advanced task on your PC, then you will think of getting the multiple monitors adding screen is much expensive, and it would not hold good for your single task. Here in this post, we are here to tell you about the method using which you could add-on your Android device as the second monitor for your PC or Mac, and this will not be costly at all either it will not cost at all.

How To Use Android As Your PC’s Second Monitor

The method is quite straightforward as well as easy, and you just have to follow a simple step by step guide explained below to continue.

Steps To Use Android As Your PC’s Second Monitor:

  •  Download and install the Application named iDisplay on your Tablet or computer, and get the iDisplay driver on the PC. Then double click on the downloaded driver file, and then you have to agree with the prompted screen which you can see on your PC device. For having accepted click Yes on the quick message also you shall be provided for the installation method of the driver

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor1

  • Now the driver shall be installed automatically by covering the process, and you won’t have to do anything besides clicking.

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor2

  • Reboot your computer and then check the system tray whether the driver being installed/not. Most probably the driver will get installed, but for some users, there can be causing the problem that protects it from doing so. You can now run the iDisplay on your computer just by searching for the app or by clicking on its icon.

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor3

  • Run the iDisplay on your Android device, from the beginning of the app it would not require any settings and will just start searching for the computer signal straightforward. The iDisplay uses up the hybrid connection so it could be either connected through the USB or just by the Wifi connection. Once the Android app finds your computer, just go ahead and then connect it to the options. A warning message would pop up on the screen of the PC, just click on Always Allow. Also, you have to click another warning prompt, and you shall be ready for the method.

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor4

  • When the procedure has completed, you will find that your connected Android device would show the same screen which your computer monitor is displaying.

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor5

  • You can now set up the settings for your display resolution, color, etc. directly using the display settings of the PC and know that the Android screen would behave like as it is the monitor of the PC, no way can differentiate from the other display

Use Android As Your PC's Second Monitor6

Disconnecting is also just easy, do that from the iDisplay icon in the action center of the app

And above post states the method using which you can use any Android device like your PC’s second monitor and keep track of your tasks using two screens. As from the article, you have got that the method isn’t too difficult or complicated, but average user can apply it without any problems. It’s now your time to execute this trick and hence use your Android screen as the other Monitor. Hope you like the method, don’t forget to share your views.

We hope this will help you to Use Android As Computer Second Monitor. Share with your friends and help them. If you have any doubts you can comment here. We are always here to help you. Thanks for reading.

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