How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android

Use Offline Google Maps On Android

How To Use Google Maps Offline On Android?

This article will help you to Use Offline Google Maps On Android. Using this trick, you can load up google maps and use it in offline.

Google Maps is an impressive tool developed by Google to locate any places via Android smartphone. Google Maps allows you to navigate all over the globe through its street view option, Traffic view, also Satellite views. This tool works on the internet and uses your GPS to track your location. However, when we navigate using google maps, it needs some high-speed internet connection to load all the direction and places correctly. But, sometimes because of some network issues, we are unable to access Google Maps entirely on our Android. Therefore, here I will explain you the method to use Google Maps offline. Many of you would think it is impossible, but the trick is given below, which will make it possible to save the google map for offline use

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android 

Here is a way that would help you download maps of the specific area on your Android to browse it even when you don’t have the internet connection. So have a look at this guide discussed below to continue.

PART 1: Save The Google Maps For Using Offline 

Step 1. Open your Google Map application on your Android having internet mobile data ON. Now Navigate to the location or the area that you wish to save for using offline

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android1

Step 2. Then Select an option from 3 dotted buttons at the top left side of your application, and then you have to select Your Places.

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android2

Step 3. Now there choose to Select a new offline map.

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android3

Step 4. Then zoom in only provided an area to save on the map. Then save the map with your desired name.

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android4

Step 5. Now download the entire map of selected area. Now you can access the Google Maps without using the internet connection

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android5

Now the Google Map of selected area would get saved in your Android memory.

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PART 2: Access Saved Google Maps while Offline

Step 1. Open the Google Map app >>> swipe the option from left

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android6

Step 2. Click on Your Place

How To Use Offline Google Maps On Android7

If your mobile data connection is not available, then you have to scroll down to the bottom and find View all and manage. There you would see your saved maps, Just click on it and navigate


  • The area to be selected must not be too large
  • The saved Google Maps data would get cleared after 30 Days
  • Accessing Locations would be slow
  • Since no internet connection is there, you would not be able to navigate through step by step navigation

Using this method, you can access the Google Maps Offline, and this would allow you to navigate through various street either if you do not have the internet connection or some other network problems.

We hope you like the article and you can Use Offline Google Maps On Android now. If your suffering issues regarding this technique, then comment us here. Do share this post with your friends. Thanks for reading.



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