Increase laptop speed up to 90% faster than older


How to Increase laptop speed up to 90% faster than older

How to Increase laptop speed up to 90% faster than earlier

Increase laptop speed
I will help you from this dangerous situation. If your PC or Laptop become not responding or got hang without any reason, or your PC take too much time to start and all such things which make your experience with your PC or laptop awful. I can understand its too much irritating but some of the devices perform too much slowly according to their hardware configuration it’s that all depends on us. How we take care of our tools and make PC or Laptop speed faster.
With the passage of time, desktop and laptop get slower in speed. OS files get corrupted due to unwanted files. Today I will discuss some important factors and technique which make your laptop speed faster. It doesn’t mean that just by using these steps your Dual core processor will work like i3. It’s not possible but if your PC or laptop experience less than from its actual performance which it can perform. Now just by follow below given few tips your device become lighter and increase your PC speed and laptop speed faster and overall performance.

How to Increase laptop speed

Step 1: Disk Defragmentation, Helps to Increase laptop speed

Fragmentation is those sectors of your hard drive or another storage device which become unallocated or hide from usage just because of some storage files and size. Whenever we store some data amount in any drive and after deletion some amount of memory not become available for usage. So here we use Defragmentation tools to recover them. So if you want to use this tool, then below image will help you.

  • Open My Computer >
  • Right click on any drive (which you want to defragment) click on>
  • Properties >
  • Tools > and Then choose
  • Defragment (Windows 10 Optimize)now. >
  • Done 🙂

increase laptop speed disk defragmentation

 Step 2: Uninstall Unwanted Programs. Helps to Increase laptop speed

The second simple way to increase speed is, we know applications are used to work with a computer. You may think that what is the role of your current installed programs with the speed of your computer. If you believe that your installed software and other things don’t affect your speed and performance, then the time comes to change your thinking. So
I installed software runs at the back end which and use some amount of Ram, CPU memory and also catch without your knowledge and if your device and many software like that then small-small usage of all software collectively make significant amount space you can also check them in Task Manager performance. So uninstalled them from your device with Program and files features available in control panel this will make PC or laptop speed faster.increase laptop speed uninstall unwanted programs
Step 3: ERROR Checking Helps to Increase laptop speed
Next method to regain speed is Error Checking. This thing will help you to find out disk errors and contribute to clear such error.  This feature scan and fixed all error from depth which occurs within hard drive space. So by checking and fixing them, your overall drives performance will become much better. It fixed all the unwanted which lead to loss memory and free all the storage space from unwanted error.
increase laptop speed system error checking
  • Go to My computer
  • Right click on any drive and select Properties from that menu
  • From the box click on Tools
  • And select Check error option 
  • Done 🙂

Also, there is a method to check error of Disk is

Go to > Run (Win+R) and type CHKDSK and hit Enter.



Step 4: Antivirus  Helps to Increase laptop speed

The virus also has the Main role in catching system speed. They can slow down your system, So you have to remove such infection and keep you computer clean. Whenever you download install or copy anything from your USB or Cd, there are more chances of getting the infection from your device so to protect device it’s necessary to choose single and complete Anti-virus which provide the best protection shield. So if you don’t have currently any best anti-virus, and you want to download then checklist all the best-rated antiviruses. Anti-virus protects our devices from many unwanted files and harmful viruses.

So always use Anti-Virus to protect your files and speed up your computer.

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Step 5: Increase your system RAM Helps to Increase laptop speed

RAM (Random Access Memory) have the initial Role speed. RAM will help to catch your application process memory. You may thing why we add this method to this post. If you think that we are going to say you to buy new or upgraded your current Ram, then don’t worry. We will only discuss those factors and methods which are helpful and useful without any cost. Ram play a significant role and computer performance and its speed. So recently we published an article related to increasing Ram with USB, so that’s why we also add that method in this post. It also helps to increase your device Ram with USB for temporary bases. I discuss two different ways must check and also try.

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STEP 6: Clean PC Registry Error Helps to Increase laptop speed

As our windows OS become old. Some of the Windows files or registry files got damaged. So we need to fix them by any offline tool. Many software’s are available on the web for PC cleaner and for fixing registry error. Almost all the best and working tools have to pay. So in case you don’t want to lose your windows access you need to buy any best for one time payment to it will be fixed error. Free tools only can find the mistake, but they fix them. So if you want, then I recommend you to use any PC cleaner and registry error fixing tool. Here am mention some links to get better performance

Follow AVG PC Tune Up (Select Trial version – 30Day)

STEP 7: STOP Unwanted Programs

Whenever you start or restart your device, many software runs immediately, and their interface takes some memory which leads to slow down your device. So any unwanted software which you never use regularly. So it’s better to stop them manually from disabling them just follow these steps

  • Click on Start button >> Then search for “Run” (WIN+R)
  • Then type “MSConfig.”
  • Then in system configuration window will appear and then go to “Startup” tab.
  • Now you can uncheck all the software or application which you don’t need or want to run whenever you start your device this will reduce load and make performance much better.

STEP 8: Remove Temporary Files Helps to Increase laptop speed

Temporary files have the central role in your system speed breaking. So you have to clear each and every temporary file automatically created by Windows.

  • Go to Start and search for “Run” OR (Win+R)
  • Type “%temp%” (Without quotes) and hit Enter.
  • It will open temp folder. Select all files (Ctrl+A) and hit Delete button
  • Again Go to RUN type “temp” and hit enter, also delete all files.
  • Done 

I hope this tutorial helps you to increase your system speed, comment your reviews and also comment your simple tips to get faster.


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