Make Your Linux Bootable USB With This Simple Trick


Make Linux Bootable USB

How To Make Linux Bootable USB?

This Simple article will help you to Make Linux Bootable USB. Share with your friends who need to Make their Linux as Bootable USB.

If you need to install Linux on your PC, then installing it can be easy using Linux Live USB creator. You can make your USB/Pendrive Linux bootable. If you are the geek also want to do some hacking on your PC, you will have to download Kali Linux OS file. Now you have to make it bootable via bootable CD or using USB drive. And in this method, we will guide you how to make a Bootable USB drive with Linux.

How To Make Linux Bootable USB

We would be using Linux Live USB creator for making live bootable OS on Windows. LinuxLive USB works in Windows and making live Linux OS on Pendrive. This tool is totally free without any ads. You could download this tool from the official website. Download Linux Live USB Creator   

Steps To make bootable Linux.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download & install the latest version of Linux Live USB Creator from Official Website.

Make Linux Bootable USB1

Step 2. Then open Linux Live software in windows and then select your USB.

Make Linux Bootable USB2

Step 3. Select ISO and browse for Linux iso file you need to make bootable on your USB.

Make Linux Bootable USB3

Step 4. Now check the Format the Key in FAT32

Make Linux Bootable USB4

Step 5. Now yYou would see the lightning icon then click on that icon and start installing

Make Linux Bootable USB5

Now you have to wait for at least 5 min, and then Linux live boot is ready. With this same method, you could boot any Linux live OS such as Ubuntu, Backtrack, Kali OS, and Tails, etc.

By Rufus USB Installer

Rufus is a service that helps format and makes bootable USB flash drives, like USB keys or  memory sticks, Pen drives, etc

Step 1 You have to install and run Rufus and then select your USB stick from the “Device” drop-down.

Make Linux Bootable USB6

Step 2. Now you have to click on CD Rom icon that is located just beside the “FreeDOS” drop-down; then you have to select your ISO file and then click on “Open” and “Start.”

Make Linux Bootable USB7

Step 3. It then will prompt you to download Syslinux software, just click YES.

Make Linux Bootable USB8

Step 4. Now you have to click “OK” to write in ISO image mode

Make Linux Bootable USB9

Step 5. Now you would prompt for the confirmation to continue the ongoing process, just click “OK” to proceed.

Make Linux Bootable USB10

Step 6. Wait until the process finishes, then restart the PC and install the Linux distro on your computer.

Make Linux Bootable USB11

It is the easiest way to create a Linux Bootable USB/Pendrive.

If you are looking for some alternative methods to make Linux live USB, the uNetBootin is the additional software that implements the same features. However, Linux Live USB is the program to make Linux bootable USB. So this is all about how to make a Linux Bootable USB, in this method you can easily make bootable Linux. If you suffer any problem, feel free to address in comments below

We hope this article will help you to Make Linux Bootable USB. If you face any problem, please comment here. We are always here to help you. Thanks For Reading.


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