Activate Windows Compact OS – A simple method


Activate Windows Compact OS

How To Activate Windows Compact OS?

Here we will explain the best method to Activate Windows Compact OS or Operating System. Read it carefully and try it out.

Windows OS is quite impressive since about 70% of PC users are using Windows OS. However, users of Windows 10 does not know about all the features that are there in Windows 10. And that’s why to keep on posting articles that you could do on Windows 10, and here we again come up with, a trick to unlock a hidden feature of Windows 10. Yes, that’s a Compact OS feature. So let us know about this feature, and Activate Windows Compact OS.

About Windows Compact OS 

Compact OS is added to Windows 10 to reduce the size of the footprint of the files that occurs while Windows Installation. Like the Windows10 way built for every smart device like tablets and laptops and that’s why it has been made that it could run on even low disk space. And this Compact OS activation will reduce the size of files that got extracted the at the time of installation and a lot of memory can be saved.

How To Activate Windows Compact OS 

The method to enable this is very simple, and you have to enter some commands in CMD, and this feature will get activated. So follow the below steps to continue.

Steps To Activate Windows Compact OS 

1. You need to run cmd as admin to change the system files and for that press Win+X and select Command Prompt (Admin) option from there.

2. Now at the command prompt, you need to enter the below command

Activate Windows Compact OS1

3. Now the compression process would start compressing the windows file, and this may take some time, so be patient.

4. After that, you could check the process status that is either you had activated/deactivated the compression process by entering the below command

5. Now you have done with this.

Steps To Deactivate This Feature

1. You have to run cmd as admin to change the system files and for that press Win+X button and select Command Prompt (Admin) option there.

2. Now at the command prompt, you have to enter the below command:-
Compact.exe /CompactOS:never

Activate Windows Compact OS2

Now the process would start, & the compact OS would get deactivated.

So above is all about Activating Windows Compact OS. With this method, you can quickly enable this compact OS feature by just using a single command and this will going to save your lots of memory on your installed OS. So try this out today.

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