Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive


Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

How To Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive?

This article will help you to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive easily. Share with your friends who is using Windows in Their PC.

Recovery drive or disk is a portable windows boot solution tools that can fix your PC when your operating system gets corrupted. Like as you had created a recovery drive on your Windows 10 then you could use that recovery disk/drive at the time when your Windows 10 fails to boot, or any file is dropping from your system and making an error on your computer. Then the recovery media would be very useful that will complete the system files and secure your OS as perfect as new. And this disk can be created in your Windows as this is an inbuilt feature.

How To Create Windows 10 Recovery Disk/Drive

The trick is quite easy, and you can do it without using any external tool, and then you would have a media drive that can now solve your windows boot up the problem quickly. Just follow the steps below to continue.

Steps To Create Windows Recovery Disk/Drive

Step 1. You have to empty disk or a USB drive that you need to convert into a recovery drive, insert that drive into your PC.

Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive1

Step 2. Now click on the Windows button on your computer and then type Recovery and then select the option Create a Recovery Drive.

Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive2

Step 3. Now select yes to the admin access popup which appears there.

Step 4. Now creating recovery drive dialog box will appear, check the checkbox there where it will prompt you to “Backup System data to the recovery drive.”

Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive3

Step 5. Now on the next level, you would see the drive there that is accessible for your recovery drive, select the desired drive there that you need to make the recovery disk

Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive4

Step 6. Then the recovery disk process would start, and it might take some time, and all the recovery files would get written to your drive, and this would take time as your computer speed.

Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive5

you have done, now recovery drive on your Windows is ready, now whenever your operating system gets corrupted or create any errors that are due to the system halt, then you could use this recovery drive to backup all your windows.

So above is all about How To Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive or Disk, Using this guide, you can create a recovery drive for the Windows 10 that you have currently installed on your computer and use it whenever you have any booting issue or any system file missing errors in your OS. Hope you like this article, do share with others also. Leave comments here if you have any queries with this.

We hope this will help you to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive easily. Share it with your friends and enjoy. If you have any doubts please comment here. We are always here to help you.

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