Enable GOD Mode On Windows


Enable GOD Mode On Windows

How To Enable GOD Mode On Windows?

The post will guide you to enable GOD mode on Windows. It helps to access about 260 commands in windows.

Today we will be discussing God Mode. In simple words, it allows system administrators access to some settings that are hidden or not accessible in the form of shortcuts. The God mode would be helpful for users who wish to access more complicated system configurations. It is not something detective type of stuff that has kept hidden. It is simply a control panel that brings us numerous settings all together that makes it easier to control various settings. The God mode was first published in 2007, and it runs on all Windows versions which include Windows 7, Windows 8 and the new one Windows 10 too.

How To Enable GOD Mode On Windows

The GodMode is a hidden feature on Windows that connects all the system settings into a folder. The God Mode feature is an excellent choice for those who need more than 260 settings for Windows version assembled in a single location

Steps To Enable GOD Mode On Your Windows

Step 1. You have to right-click on the desktop >>> New folder

Enable GOD Mode On Windows1

Step 2. Now you have to Right-click on the newly created folder or press F2 on the new folder to rename the folder and then paste the following code as the new name of the folder. Look at the image shown here.


Enable GOD Mode On Windows2

Step 3. When you have replaced the name, you would see an icon that shares similar appear as a control panel of windows.

Enable GOD Mode On Windows3

Step 4. Double-click to run the God mode.

Enable GOD Mode On Windows4

Now you can now access over 260 commands.

GodMode tools have separated into different categories, and these are sorted in alphabetical order. Use the feature at will, but remember never to rename the “folder/icon” as access would be lost instantly, and you need to redo the process from the beginning.

Hope you like the post, and Do share with others. Leave comments below if you are suffering any problems in enabling the God mode on windows. Thank you for reading

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