Get Print History On Windows it is easy to find


Get Print History On Windows it is easy to find

How To Get Print History On Windows 

Here we explain the method to Get Print History On Windows. Read carefully and try it out today. Do share with others.

You can print the images, documents, etc. via your computer by using the Print command on the windows. You could get further options to manage the printing if you are using the windows. In Windows, you could manage the documents that you are going to print, set the paper size, no. of copies, etc. These options help the user to print the documents in desired form factors and help to block the double printing of a document. History of all the printing that you have made can be accessed and also can be used to prevent duplex second printing. You may have to access print history anytime for any reason, but you might be confused about how you can access it. Here in this article, you would know about the method of obtaining the print history on the windows.

How To find Print History On Windows 

The method is quite straightforward and straight to see the print history on the windows you need to follow the simple steps that are given here.

Steps To Getting Print History On Windows 

1. Click on the “start” menu & then open the “Control Panel” from there. In the control panel select up the “All Control Panel Items.“ It would show you a list of the settings in the control panel

How To Get Print History On Windows1


2. From the list of available settings, you have to select the “Administrative Tools” option & select “Event Viewer” from further options. Then click Applications and services ” from the window that launches

How To Get Print History On Windows2

3. Now select “Microsoft,“ further Choose the “Windows” option and then click “Print Service.“

4. It would lead you to the menu where you could manage the options related to the printing of documents. You can enable the history log for the print options by right-clicking on the “operational” option & select “Enable Log.“

How To Get Print History On Windows3

It will allow the print history on the window and record would be kept for your future prints. After that, you could check the history from the Print service window of Step 3.

So this is the easiest as well as the simplest method using which you could enable the print history on your windows. You can view the print log or history when you have enabled this feature that you can do by following the above instructions. When you have the print history ready, you could return to the “Print service” window in the step 3. and check your print history from there

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