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Create Fake Facebook Chat online

Create Fake Facebook Chat online

How to Create Create Fake Facebook Chat online

This simple article will help you to Create Fake Facebook Chat online. Make fake facebook chat and foolish with your friends.

Today Facebook is one of the essential parts of our life as we daily chat with our friends through this social network. But what about making a fake conversation on Facebook! Yes, it is possible, you can make it. You can prank with friends by this Fake chat creating trick. In this post, I will tell you a way by which you can simply create fake send and receive a message on Facebook, and then you could share that conversation with your friends and can make them fool. And there you need not suing any app in your device as just an online sites would do this work for you. And the way is very simple, and you would get to know following the guide discussed below

How To Create Fake Facebook Conversation Online

The trick is quite simple, and you would just use some cool sites that will let you create a fake chat on Facebook, and you can use it to prank your friends. So follow steps below for proceeding.

Steps For Creating Fake Facebook Conversation Online

Below we have discussed two sites with which you can create Fake Facebook chat and that for free and without the use of an app.

Create Fake Facebook Chat online1

It is the beautiful site using which you can create Fake Facebook chat and then take their screenshots cropping them and then send then to friends to play a prank with them. Follow the steps for creating Fake Facebook chat in the app.

Step 1. First of all, upload the profile picture of the first person and then give its name there.

Step 2. Upload the picture for the second one and then type his/her name as well.

Step 3. Enter the date and type the message to have a Fake chat with your friend.


Create Fake Facebook Chat online2

The another fine site that will let you make conversation exactly same as Facebook, follow steps below for proceeding.

Step 1. Open the site and then log in with your account.

Step 2. Proceed with the steps there with the receiver as well as sender’s name.

Step 3. Now create any Fake chat that you have to use to prank your friends.

Similar Websites-

1. The Wall Machine

Create Fake Facebook Chat online3

The Wall Machine is a user-friendly website that creating fake Facebook walls as easy as possible. Its WYSIWYG interface lets the customization of all wall elements profile owner’s picture, comments, time,  status, likes, etc

2. Status Clone

Create Fake Facebook Chat online4

The goal of the site is for people to make custom Facebook Status updates and have generated into genuine screenshots of the fake Facebook status including comments. Through the creative life of many of our users, several funny facebook status screenshots have been and will be, created using this site.

3. Prank Me Not

Create Fake Facebook Chat online5

You can create fake Facebook or Twitter posts also make funny Chats that have never existed. Make fake Facebook chat & prank your friends. You can emulate celebrities to chat with you to fool your friends. Uploading profile picture for you and the other person, write as many chat messages as you wish. Start using our Facebook Chat Creator for Free.

So above is all about Create Fake Conversation Online. With these methods, you can create any of fake conversation with any random names of your friends and can mislead/Fool your friend with this. Have fun with this cool Facebook Conversation creating trick and pranks your friends. Don’t forget to share this cool post. If you have any related queries/suggestions with this and leave a comment below

We hope this article will help you to Create Fake Facebook Chat online. If you have any doubt, you can simply comment here. We are always here to help you. Thanks for reading. Share it with your friends.

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