Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering – A simple method


Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering

How To Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering

This simple article will help you to Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering. Share with your friends who is bored with Youtube Buffering.

Today millions of users utilize their time on Youtube for watching videos online. And as we all realize Youtube as the biggest video streaming media, where you can unquestionably watch all your favorite videos online. But the biggest problem with Youtube videos is their buffering speeds.

Today we are going to share a trick on buffering your Youtube videos faster than it’s standard rate. Go through the full job to know much more about it.

Below, we’ve stated a method to Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering and faster than the standard rate. This buffering depends not particularly over the internet rate as there are certainly more things that can affect it. So with the below process, you could resolve them also can buffer Youtube videos faster.

How To Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering

The Method To Play YouTube Videos Faster Simply Follow The Steps Below To Continue

Step 1. Download & install the SmartVideo for YouTube extension on your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I am going to show you the full tutorial on Google Chrome because as many of us mostly favor Google Chrome

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering1

Step 2. After the installation, it plays any video on YouTube, and then you would be able to see some of the extra options under your playing video. You have to move your mouse cursor in between Youtube videos, and you could see a small rectangular box popping.

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering2

Step 3. Click on Global Preferences on the right side of your playing video, Then you have to check mark the Smart Buffer Box. You do not have to do anything else.

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering3

Step 4. Then it would force buffer your YouTube video. You would see your Youtube video would buffer faster and you can enjoy the high-speed video streaming experience over youtube

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering4

Use HTML 5

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering5

It is one of the good options for the Flash Player. HTML 5 Player uses comparatively less memory and supports major browsers even in Android also. You have to allow the HTML 5 Player to enjoy videos at a better rate. Users Just have to visit this link and make sure you enabled the option “The HTML5 player has currently used when possible”.

If you wish to check whether HTML 5 has allowed, you have to open any video also right click on it and could see whether the choice “About HTML 5” is showing/not. If it is showing, then you have allowed it

Use Google DNS

Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering6

The default DNS allows you less bandwidth area and internet speed gets bounded over the network. But there is a process using which you can change this default DNS to the Google DNS which would let you the maximum bandwidth limit and give you better internet speed.

So, above is all about How To Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering. Using this method, you could easily increase your buffer memory and force the Youtube to send further data on your buffer space, and you would be able to watch Youtube video faster than the regular rate of speed. So appreciate the better video streaming experience with this method and do not forget to share this post with your friends. Leave comments below about any queries.

We hope this method would help you to Play YouTube Videos Without Buffering. Share it with your friends and assist them in also. We hope you like our posts come back. If you have any doubts you can comment here we are always here to help you. Thanks for Reading.

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