Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link


Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link

How To Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link?

Here we are going to make aware you of the procedure of updating your files on Google Drive. So have a look at the steps below to continue.

Most probably, we get into the situation where we have multiple copies of the same file saved on Google Drive, but once we upgrade the version of Google Drive, it takes too much work to locate the records in the Drive. Having multiple copies of the same file in Drive, not only makes confusion but also takes valuable stage space into the drive. Do not you think that it can be easier for you if it replaces the current file in G Drive with a new version in spite of uploading another file. Here is the Solution.

How To Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link

The method is quite straightforward, and easy, & you have to follow the simple step-by-step guide to continue and which we have listed right here.

Steps To Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link

1. First of all, You go to Google Drive and then select the file that you wish to update.

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2. Right-click on that particular file, select the “Manage Versions” from the menu and click on the “Upload new version” button.

Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link1

3. Then the file name and the file’s Url did not change but all the old shared links would now automatically be transferred into the new version of your file

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4. You have done, and now the file gets the update without altering the link. This method will be helpful in replacing the file in a single format with another format. Suppose, if you have a video file in Google Drive that you want to replace it with an animation file of a smaller size, the option “Manager Versions” will also have the facility to do this and the shared link will not change.

Guys, if you are using Dropbox and would like to update a shared file in Dropbox without altering the link, you just upload the new version of the file in the Dropbox folder. But here you must know that when we upload a file in Dropbox and a file with the same name already exists there. The Dropbox will replace the old file with the new one when the share link would continue to work. But in the case of Google Drive, we can have multiple files with the same name consist in one folder and hence the confusion.

So above guide is all about How To Update Your Files On Google Drive In The Same Link. Use the method, and it can be exceedingly helpful while managing multiple files in your Google Drive.

We hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others also. Leave the comments below if you have any queries with this. Thanks for reading.



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