Use Pendrive As RAM


Use Pendrive As RAM


How to Use Pendrive As RAM?

This article will help you to Use Pendrive As RAM. Read out the below article about Use Pendrive As RAM. This will help you.

RAM ( random access memory) the main memory of our system that performs each and every process executed. More the RAM more the speed of run time. That means Ram is the only memory which takes the load of all the processes that occur. Just like we run any software, music or video file, the game all these things are run in temporary memory. If we run some tasks at the same time, then there is a chance of not responding difficulty. Because RAM, Paging and Cache memory is minor that our current software demands. In that condition, you need to increase your system ram. It is not possible for everyone to upgrade high-grade ram. So the only best possible way for us is to Use Pendrive As Ram. Read the given below article. This will help you.
Don’t worry; here we will use the idea of Virtual memory. You can increase RAM by using Pendrive as virtual Ram. This virtual RAM does not have the same performance as compared to your actual system ram. But this concept increases Paging memory and some other functioning which means your overall appearance become good and some software also quickly start running without any not responding issue. So if you want to Use Pendrive as RAM because of the above problems I have mentioned. Just follow the Below steps.

The below methods will also help you to speed up your PC

To Use Pendrive As Ram In Windows device

Method 1. Increase Ram Using a ReadyBoost In Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Firstly insert your “Pen Drive” > Then right click on your Pendrive disk.
  • Now Open “Properties” > Then click on “ReadyBoost” tab.

Use Pendrive As RAM.jpg 1

  • Then shift to Use this device and overcome your current memory space. If your current system place 3700 MB, later reduce it with approx 200-300 MB.

Use Pendrive As RAM.jpg 2

  • Then click on Apply button and all Made.
  • In case if you want to change back your Pendrive to normal. Then switch it back Don’t use the device under ReadyBoost tab.

Method 2: – Virtual Ram Concept For Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Use Pendrive As RAM

  • First of all, insert Pendrive.
  • GO to “My Computer” and right click >> open “Properties.”
  • A Properties window will appear, then click on “Advanced system settings” from the left.
  • Go to “Advanced” tab tap on “Settings” button in “Performance tab.”
  • A new window will seem then tap on “Advanced” tab.
  • An option of “Virtual Memory box” in the advanced tab, then tap on “Change Button.”

Use Pendrive As RAM.jpg 3

Use Pendrive As RAM.jpg 4

Steps To Increasing Virtual Ram.

  • Tap change button “Virtual Settings” will appear.
  • Untick the box of “Automatically Manage Page Size Feature”.
  • Then in custom size add Pendrive current same in below form.

Use Pendrive As RAM.jpg 5


  • Add same “Value” in both boxes and tap on Apply button.
  • Reboot your PC or Laptop, and now Pendrive will work as “Virtual Ram”.


  • Always safely eject your Pendrive. Direct removal may lead to damage the device.
  • In Virtual Memory method, If you need to convert back your Pendrive into Normal. Then open Virtual Settings and remove custom memory value and select Default settings by ticking “Automatically Manage Paging Size.”
  • If you use ReadyBoost method, don’t ignore to revert to normal or otherwise open your Pendrive and delete Readyboost file from your Pendrive.

We hope you find it helpful and knowledgeable. In case we missed anything please let us know in comments below. We are ready to help you in future. Be in touch with us, and we will make your system safe secure and best in performance. If you are handling any difficulties or having queries regarding your system, please let us know. Write us in the comment box beneath.


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