Add 3D Touch On Any iPhone


Add 3D Touch On Any iPhone

How To Add 3D Touch On iPhone

This article will help you to Add 3D Touch On Any iPhone. 3D touch is a feature that gives a new look for your iPhone.

In iPhone 6 and 6s there is a cool feature that is embedded 3D touch which allows users to quickly access lots of actions from home screen itself or say make the user experience more comfortable and friendly. Almost all users loved this feature but this feature is only available on iPhone 6 & 6S, and other versions of iPhone users are dropping out this feature. So for them, we have a fresh by which they could enjoy this cool feature in their iPhone. And this method works on every version of iPhone. You just have to follow the guide discussed below to continue.

How To Add 3D Touch On iPhone

Add 3D Touch On iPhone1

The method is simple also will work if you have admin access to your iPhone that is the jailbreak by which you would be adding 3D touch feature in your iPhone by adding up system files on your device. And this would be done using Cydia. So follow the steps below to continue.

Steps To Add 3D Touch Feature On Any iPhone

  • First of all, you should jailbreak your iPhone for that click here.
  • After jailbreak goes to Cydia app on your iPhone, install Force Touch Activator application on it by searching this app.

Add 3D Touch On iPhone2

  • After installing the application, you have to go to Settings & then go to Activator menu from there.
  • Now select Force Touch Activator option
  • Now you have to choose any actions that you need to set for your 3D touch of your iPhone.

Add 3D Touch On iPhone3

  • Now, 3D touch feature has enabled on your iPhone device and whenever you click on the home button, then you would see 3D touch option on your iPhone.

So above is all about Add 3D Touch Feature On Any iPhone. With this Cydia tweak, you can add the 3D touch feature on your iPhone and make your actions very easy on your iPhone. So implement this and enjoy the cool, user-friendly User Interface on your iPhone.

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