How To Change iPhone Fonts -Simple Method


How To Change iPhone Fonts

How To Change iPhone Fonts

If you were fed up with the default font of your iPhone, then here we have the solution to change the font with an application. Here is the Simple Way to Change iPhone Fonts.

If you are utilizing an iOS device for a long time, then you might be bored watching the same font all the time the best way is Change iPhone Fonts. The default iPhone font is pretty good and easier to read, but if you think that you guys need the change, then it’s time to change. There is no other built-in option to modify the font in iPhone, & there are no different fonts are pre-installed, so you have to download the fonts with the trick that we have discussed here, and you have to install this on your iPhone.

How To Change iPhone Fonts

Installing fonts on iPhone would be required to jailbreak it, as this will be changing system files, & will be only possible using Cydia tweaks that will let you change fonts on your iPhone.

Steps To Change iPhone Fonts By Jailbreak

  • You need to jailbreak your iPhone. Click here for the guidance. Then get the Cydia app.
  • Now you need to have the Cydia tweak that is “BytoFont 2” that you could get by opening the Cydia app and then searching there.

How To Change iPhone Fonts1

  • Open Cydia app & hit the ‘Sources’ tab there, from the ‘Sources’ page hit the “All Sources” option on the top of the menu
  • Then scroll down and there search for ‘Fonts (BytaFont 2)’ option. Once found tap on it.
    On the next page, you will see the list of available fonts that you could download from Cydia. Search for the one you need and install it.
  • Now you would see the list of fonts that you can have on your iPhone.
  • Now it’s the time to apply it, so for that go the Bytofont app & then go to Basic & select the font to use and then just click on yes
  • Now you will see all the fonts will get change out and you can now install multiple fonts.

So, this process is all about How To Change iPhone Fonts, Using this method; you could have all new fonts you wish to have on your iPhone and forget about the old style fonts that you get bored of seeing them again.

We hope you like our method to Change iPhone Fonts. Please share this with your friends. Leave your comments and thoughts here. Thanks for reading.

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