Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices – This is very useful


Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices – This is very useful

How To Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices


If you don’t like to use the upgraded version of your favorite app and need the old one, then this article will help you to Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices.

Here am going to teach you the simple method to Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices. If you recently updated any of your favorite apps or had installed the latest version and find not compatible or feel inconvenience with your device, then you must be thinking getting back the older version. Uninstalling is not the solution at that point. Here we are discussing the same. Now you could downgrade any of your iOS apps to its old version by the tweak that is only possible with a jailbroken device as with that you can get the modules that will let you downgrade apps version.

How To Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices

The process is quite simple, and you just need a jailbroken iPhone as the application we are going to discuss right here works only on Jailbreak iPhone. With that app, you can check out all the previously released version of the app and downgrade it to the earlier one for better convenience.

Steps For Downgrading Apps On iOS Devices

1. You need to jailbreak your iOS device.

2. Now after jailbreaking process, you need to download and then install App Admin on your iOS device,

How To Downgrade Apps In iOS Devices1

3. After installing this app just launch on your device.

4. Now just go to the App store and there go to the app that you wish to downgrade and that you could find either by searching or by finding it in Update Section.

5. Then you have to click on Update/Open/Download button, and you would be prompted to next screen where you would find all the available previous version of that app.

How To Downgrade Apps In iOS Devices2

6. If you don’t get the version that you want then just click on the + button and type the version that you wish to have on your iOS device.

How To Downgrade Apps In iOS Devices3

You have done, now the older version of the app will start downloading.

So above process is all about How To Downgrade Apps on iOS Devices. With this, could quickly lower any of the ios apps that you feel not working well with the iOS version of your device. Just choose out any of the releases for the list of all the version available for the app.

We hope you like this solution to Downgrade Apps On iOS Devices, do share with others too. Leave your comments below, if you have any queries with this. Thanks for reading.





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