Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone


Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone

Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone

How to Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone?


This article will help you to Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone. We hope this will helpful


The craze of using iPhone Products is increased remarkably in last few years. But we can not tweak iPhone as much as we can tweak the Android device. But we can customize or modify iPhone as much we customize an Android phone. So the only answer to this is Jailbreak iPhone. As Android users need to root the android phone for system access,  iPhone users need to jailbreak iPhone. Jailbreaking your iPhone is a dangerous task which is opposed by Apple. Once you Jailbreak your iPhone, and you suffer any problem. Apple stores will not help you out even with Warranty. We do not promote it either, but Jailbreaking iPhones is quite a favorite topic among youngsters. Jailbreaking means skirting the locks put in place by Apple on its iPhones and thus getting access to a large number of applications that Apple hasn’t authorized. Anyhow, We will tell you guys How to Jailbreak iPhone. At first, we are going to give Some basic information about Jailbreaking process which most of the people may not know about it.

Let us have a look at the two types of Jailbreaking

1. Tethered-Jailbreaking

A tethered jailbreak needs you to connect your iOS device to your computer and run an app to jailbreak it. Later if you switch off the iPhone and restart it, the jailbreak will not effect, and you have to repeat the entire process. It also means your iPhone is entirely useless until you do so, which isn’t comfortable at all.

2. Untethered-Jailbreaking

This kind of jailbreak was the first to be improved. The hack would remain in effect even if you switch your device off and on again.

Tricks To Jailbreak-iPhone 

You can Jailbreak iPhone using a tool on Windows or MAC. The method is mainly for iOs 9.0 & 9.1. People having their iPhones running on iOs 9.2 have to wait for some time as Apple set the security flaw which hackers used to Jailbreak iPhone. Users who are aiming should make sure that they have the latest version of Pangu and iTunes installed on their computers.

  1. For Downloading Pangu Windows users Click Here.
  2. For Downloading Pangu Mac users Click Here.
  3. To download iTunes Windows & MAC users Click Here.

Then Install the software and follow the steps listed below to Jailbreak.

Backup Your Data– Firstly, You should follow this step. You can have a backup of your device using iTunes/iCloud. It is an excellent choice to back up your data rather than repenting later if data loss happened.

Disable the function “find my iPhone app”If you need Jailbreaking to be satisfied, then disable the option find my iPhone-app.

Disable Touch ID or PasscodeYou need to disable Touch ID & Passcode or any other security so that Pangu can get on your iPhone and do its job.

Activate Airplane modeAnother thing you got to do is, enabling the Airplane mode by opening control center by swiping from the bottom of the screen and click Aeroplane mode.

Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone1Launch PanguAfter completing above written steps, you can open Pangu software on the computer. Windows users should open Pangu as an Administrator. Mac users can open the software as they usually open other software.

Plug-in your deviceAs you will plug-in your device in a computer, Software will detect it. Once it recognizes it, click on Start to initiate the Jailbreaking iPhone.

Tricks To Jailbreak iPhone2

  1. iPhone will bootAs you see “Jailbreaking Complete” on your Pangu software, your device will reboot & display CYDIA, the jailbroken ‘app store,’ on your home screen.
  2. Allow access to PhotosThere is a possibility that Pangu will ask you to give it access to Photos.

Then Disable Airplane Mode, open CYDIA.

Now you are free to download & install the various apps and tweaks which Apple does not allow.

If you see Runtime error, then open Pangu app. Just uninstall the following software from your computer.

  1. iTunes.
  2. Apple Software Update.
  3. Apple Mobile Device Support.
  4. Bonjour.
  5. Apple Application Support.

Once you uninstall all of the above-stated software’s, Reinstall iTunes, Run Pangu again and you will able to complete the process. If you were favorably able to Jailbreak iPhone & Other ios devices, kindly share with us.

This article will help you to Jailbreak iPhone. We hope this method is very easy and helpful. If you have any doubts you can comment here. Our team will help you within 48 hours. Thanks for reading. Share it with your friends.

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