Earn money online in 2020 minimum 5000INR per day


Earn money online in 2020 minimum 5000INR per day

I can teach you the best and simple method to earn money online in 2020. you can simply earn a minimum of 5000INR per day. Hello, my dear blog readers, Welcome to Tec Fever with the latest article which you will get help to earn money online. Someone thinks that How we can earn money online in. it is easy and simple. many of my friends and readers asked me about how we can earn more money online in 2020? Now I’m here with the latest and trending way to make money online. because this is 100% legal and genuine. Here below I am going to teach you the simple method with image help, So you can simply understand this article. Here we go!

1. Introduction and Registration To Boninclubs Online Earning website. (Alternative added)

In 2020 The lastest and best way to earn money online is the Boninclubs.com website. But the website is not there right now and here is the best alternative. mantrimalls.com The website is mainly focused on selling gold and silver online. But they are also providing earning option it works with a good game. So Here we go and learn how to Register and play the game to earn money. First of all, you need an account to Play color gaming, So C

lick this Link and fill the details and register online with Boninclub. The below image will help you to register or to fill the form. After typing the mobile number and Password enter the same password again to verify it, then click to the OTP button. This will send you an OTP message to your mobile number given above, Then Type that OTP in the verification field and click the Register button to continue.

Introduction and Registration To Boninclubs Online Earning website.

2. Recharge your wallet to play the game

The next step is simple, you need to recharge your wallet to play the game. But don’t worry about that.! it is not a big deal. Just Rs. 100 need to play the game and you can simply earn a higher amount. Follow this below method to recharge your wallet.

Step 1: Click on My Profile option (Bottom of the page) and click on the available balance option. (First time it is Rs.0.00)




Recharge your wallet to play the game
Step 2: Now you can see the Recharge option, on the next page enter the amount as Rs.100 or as you like to recharge and click Recharge now Button.

Step 3: On the next screen, you can see a form. Fill the form with your Name, Mobile Number, and Email address. Click Submit Button. The next page will ask you for your card information, and some alternative payment options, so you can pay the amount using phone pay and UPI alternatives. It is done.! come back to your profile to know your balance (Click the Back button 2,3 Times).

Recharge your wallet to play the game step 2

3. Play the Game and Earn Money

Now you can see that your account is recharged successfully, and that balance is in your account. bottom of the page you can see that a button named “WinGo”. It is placed on the left side of the My Profile. (check the below image to find that.

Play the Game and Earn Money

You can simply find 3 colors there, That are Green, Violet, and Red. Above the colors, you can see a period number there and a timer there. The game period will end in every 3 minutes. You have to choose a color before the expiry of each period of game time. Click on any color (Green and red are main), and set a price for the color. and how many colors you are setting.
For eg: if you clicked on the green color and select money as Rs.10 and selected 2 numbers, your 10×2=20INR will sit and wait for the period timer to become 0:00. the result will available below of the page every 3 minutes it will refresh. if the green is the right answer your wallet amount will be increased to INR20. You can set a higher amount to earn huge money.

Refer this image for gameplay help


Earn money online is not easy, But here it is very easy to play and make money online. You can simply earn a huge amount of money in minutes. that is why I write this article to help you to earn money online. I hope This article will help you to earn money online in 2020. Thanks for reading the content and share your experience below. Thank you.

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