Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number


Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number

How To Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number?

Here we will help you to Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number using an interesting Google Chrome extension. Have a look at this.

In this post, we would tell you a method by which you can extract the phone numbers of all the  Facebook friends that are associated with their FB profile. Many times you have your friend’s contact number, but for either due to privacy reasons/sending files or any other, you keep checking their profiles to get the email address as well. But what if you get the entire list of all the phone numbers of the friends with a single click.

How To Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number

The process is quite simple, and you need to get a Google Chrome extension that will let you Extract phone numbers of All the Facebook Friends in a single click. And you will have to visit each and every profile to get that. So follow some steps below to continue.

Steps To Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number

1. You must have the latest version of Google Chrome as the extension we are her discussing might not work correctly with the older versions of the Google Chrome.

2. In your Google chrome add the extension called Facebook Social Media Toolkit there are some features in an extension that are paid.

Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number1

3. After adding this extension in your browser, log in to your Facebook account where you need to extract the phone number of all your friends.

4. Click on the extension icon and then under the premium section click on the “Extract Public Phone Number Of Facebook Friends.”

Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number2

5. Then the process would get started, and within a few seconds you would get all phone numbers of the Facebook friends

Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number3

6. You can save the list of numbers for future reference.

So, this is all about How To Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number. With the above-discussed guide you can extract all the mobile numbers that are associated with your Facebook profiles of your friends, so use the method and get all the contacts with the single click.

We hope you like the tutorial to Extract Your FB Friends Contact Number, keep on sharing. Leave the comments here, if you have any queries regarding this. Thanks for reading.

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