Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC


Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC

How can we do Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC? Here we are going to learn how to do Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC

You can live stream on the Facebook, and for that, your profile has used. But what if you wish to stream on the Facebook pages that you manage. So, you need to live stream from the PC/Mac to any of your Facebook pages, and you need to let all the visitors see you live at the time for some purpose. It would feel frustrating for you to complete your desire to live stream on Facebook page because there isn’t any such option to complete up to the task. Whether if this is not available on the Facebook, don’t worry because you can still do it. But for that, you just have to follow some instructions. Here in this article, we have stated the method through which you can easily live stream on Facebook pages from PC or MAC. Just go and follow the article to know more.

How to Live Stream to Facebook Pages From PC 

The thing you should have is OBS Studio software, Facebook Page you manage, and a High-speed Internet Connection. Then follow the steps below to proceed.

Steps To Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC

1. The very first thing that you should know is that you have to install the OBS Studio software on your PC. And not the previous versions of the software known as OBS Classic & if you do install the previous versions, you won’t be able to do up to the task of live streaming on Facebook is not supported.

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC1

2. Then you have to open the Facebook, log in to your account and then go to the page you want to live stream. After accessing the page click on the “Publishing Tools” option from which you can easily find above of screen

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC2

3. Now select the “Videos” option from the sidebar. It appears when you have applied the above-stated step. Then click on the button “Live” option and after that proceed with the following steps

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC3

4. Now you could see the pop-up that would be carrying the Stream key. You just copy that Key from there and make sure that you correctly copy that key as it is required while using the OBS Studio. Then click on next.

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC4

5. Then you have to Launch the OBS Studio & from there Click on the Settings. Then look for the Stream option from the sidebar that appears. Then simply paste the Stream Key that you just copied in the previous steps inside the box that has displayed on the screen. Then select “Facebook Live” option from the Service tab and then click OK.

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC5

6. After that, you have to add the sources to the OBS Studio such as Webcam or any video saved inside any folder that should be live streamed. For that, you have to click on the “+” icon from the Sources box inside the app. From the menu that appears simply select up the Video Capture Device option and then names it, click OK.

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC6

7. From the next window, it seems simply choose your Video Capture device that just appointed in the above step. Then click OK, you would see your video capture device’s input is inside the OBS studio that would be Live Streamed on the Facebook Page, for beginning the streaming, simply click on the Start Streaming Button

Live Stream On Facebook Pages From PC7

Now you will be able to easily live stream to the Facebook pages anytime whenever you wish to do so, and there would be no restrictions for doing that. The method is also not very complicated, and any of you could easily apply it just within minutes. If you haven’t yet used the method on your PC or Mac, then go and do it now so that you could also enjoy live streaming on Facebook pages.

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