How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound


Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound

How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound

Today we are here with a facebook trick which will help you to turn OFF facebook notification Sound as well as message sounds.

Today lots spend most of their time on Facebook by chatting with their friends, updating status and lots more there. And sometimes your in a situation where you want to use Facebook but silently and at that time you sometimes try to keep your devices silent, but while working on other device and when you log on to your PC you mostly forget to make your device silent. So at that time, you could use this method that we are discussing here that is the way to turn of the Sound of Notifications and Messages in your Facebook profile. And with this, you can quickly make your Facebook browsing silent. So have a look at this guide thoroughly explained below to continue.

How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound

The process is very straightforward and easy, and you have to edit some of the settings in Facebook to mute all the notifications sounds of the Facebook profile.

Steps To Silent Facebook Notifications & Message Sound 


  • Login into your FB profile on which you need to turn off all your notification and message sounds.
  • Now just click on the down arrow button on the top bar of your Facebook profile and then open Settings there.

How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound1

  • Now you will be there in General settings, and you will see Notifications option at the left panel list options, just click on it.
  • Now on the right, you will see the notification options, and you just need to click on edit simply.

How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound2

  • Now you will see all type of notification options that arrived on your profile while you are on Facebook.
  • Now just click on edit option, and you would now have two choices that are either OFF or ON, click OFF option there to make that notification off.

How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound3

  • Now simply repeat these for all other notifications that you want to turn off on your account.
  • You have done, now the notification sound will turn off, and you no need to make the devices silent as Facebook would be auto silent in your devices

So above process is all about How To Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound. Using this process, all your FB notification and messages sound will get silent, and you can quickly browse FB any time of any of your device where you have logged in your account as all the Facebook notifications are already silent for your account.

We hope you like this method to Turn OFF Facebook Notification Sound, keep sharing with others too. Leave the comments here, if you have any queries with this. Thanks for reading. if you have any doubts you can simply comment here. We are always here to help you. Thanks

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