How To Block a Gmail Address


Block a Gmail Address

How To Block a Gmail Address

Today, we are explaining a trick to Block a Gmail Address in It can be done using the Android devices also. Do share with others.

Gmail is a successful mailing interface. Today about millions of people are using Gmail account daily to send and receive emails. Sometimes, many users get spam emails or annoying emails. You may often try to block emails from those network by opening each & every email, and that takes a lot of time, and it’s troublesome to find all those subscribed networks. So, here we have a trick by which you can block a Gmail address in Gmail from the web or the Android mobile in a single minute.

How To Block a Gmail Address- Follow this simple method

The steps are very easy to work out and depend on email settings that would let you block email address from all the networks that annoy you in your emails.

Steps To Block a Gmail Address

  • Login to your Gmail where you want to block email address and go to Settings by clicking on gear icon there.

How To Block G-mail Address1

  • Click on the Filters and Blocked Address, now you would see the blocked emails if you had done before. If you have not blocked any, then click on create filter option there.

How To Block G-mail Address2

  • Now you will see the box where you need to fill details for which you want to block emails and save it.

How To Block G-mail Address3

You have done, email addresses will get blocked now.

Steps To Block Gmail Addresses On Your Android

  1. Open the Gmail application on your Android and then open the email whose sender you need to block.
  2. Click on three dotted buttons there it would open the drop down options; just click on block “Sender_name.”

How To Block G-mail Address4

Now you would not get any email from that particular sender.

So above discussion is all about How To Block Gmail Address, Using the guide, you can get rid of the users who often annoy you on your email address. Just implement this, and all the emails will block.

We hope this guide works for you to block a Gmail address, keep on sharing our articles. Leave your comments and thoughts with us. Thanks for reading.




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